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Waldensop is a character in Zelda's Adventure[1].


Waldensop is a man found outside of the White Steed Lodge, in the Forest of Torian. He warns Princess Zelda not to go inside, in fear that she will be robbed.[2] He then gives Princess Zelda Aviana's Feather, as a token of his affection.


  1. "Om de Shrine King Avianna te verslaan, heb je he Feather-wapen nodig. Die heb je in de tweede regio gekregen van Waldensop, die buiten de White Steed Lodge stond met twee paarden."  (CD Interactief Volume 3, Issue 10 (HUB Uitgevers) pg. 40-41)
  2. "Good morn, lady. A noble person such as yourself on foot-end? If it's rest you seek, you'll get precious little comfort in this thieves' den, I'll tell you. [...] Be careful if you go inside, milady! Some people in these parts would rob you the same as look you, they would." — Waldensop (Zelda's Adventure)