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Vulture Vizier

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Vulture Vizier
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Vulture Vizier is the Boss of Stone Corridors, which serves as the Mini-Boss of The Dunes, in Tri Force Heroes.[1] It is a gigantic, bulky Vulture.


The Links fight Vulture Vizier atop a tilting platform above a pit of sand. The platform will constantly tilt to the Links' weight, as well when Vulture Vizier slams on it. The Links must take care not to slide off the platform, while also moving to make the platform tilt to where they need to be. The bird will fly away and perch on one of the outside railings. It will attack the Links by taking a deep breath in and then blowing streams of flames across the platform. Using the tilting of the platform to reach the Vulture's height, the Links must stun it using either the Gripshot, the Boomerang, or the Gust Jar, and attack it with the Sword. The Vulture will immediately react to the hit by pecking at the Link, also striking the tilting platform and shifting it wildly. The Vulture will eventually fly over to the other railing; the railing on the east side is slightly higher, making it more difficult to reach the Boss.

Eventually Vulture Vizier will fall off the railing and into the sand, however it will shortly reappear carrying a stone statue in its talons. It will drop this statue onto one side of the platform, forcing it to tilt downward until the weight falls off. Jars containing Hearts may also be dropped as the Boss flies across. Vulture Vizier will then perch down momentarily before flying off to grab another statue. The Links can attack it while it is perched. After several more hits, Vulture Vizier will fall onto the center of the platform and frantically breathe flames as the platform tilts back and forth. The Links must quickly attack it during this period, eventually defeating it.


Vulture Vizier's Japanese name is a pun on the enemy テンドル (Tendoru) and the Kansai dialect word for "can't fly."[2]

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese トベヘンドル (Tobehendoru) Flightless Vulture
French-speaking countries French Mastendor
Federal Republic of Germany German Riesen-Tondor Giant-Tondor
Italian Republic Italian Tendor gigante Giant Tendor
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Megaténdor Megatendor

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  2. "In Japanese, this is a terrible pun on the name of the enemy called "Vulture" in English, and the Kansai dialect word for "can't fly"." —MariChan (The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Miiting)
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