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Veil Falls

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Veil Falls
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Veil Falls is a waterfall in the northeastern part of Hyrule in The Minish Cap.

Features and Overview

As a waterfall, water is abundant in Veil Falls and the Flipper is used when traversing the base of the waterfall. In order to progress further, Link must enter a cave that is blocked by a stone doorway with a Kinstone slot; the other piece is obtained from Gustaf in the Royal Crypt.[1] At the very top of Veil Falls is a whirlwind that serves as the entrance to the Cloud Tops, the location of the Palace of Winds, and the Wind Element.[2]

Biggoron appears at the very top of the mountain, but prior to completing the Goron sidequest he cannot be spoken to. After defeating Vaati, Link may speak to Biggoron, who will then eat Link's shield[3] and produce the stronger Mirror Shield as a result.[4] Splitblade, one of the nine Blade Brothers, can be found at a southern cave, and after unblocking the entrance by fusing Kinstones he will "teach" Link how to charge his Split Gauge faster.[5]

Minor Enemies


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese セラの滝 (Sera no Taki) Sera Waterfall
French-speaking countries French Cascade de Sera
Italian Republic Italian Cascate Turbante



  1. "I grant to you this Kinstone... Seek the source of the flow in Hyrule... Only then will your path open..." — Gustaf (The Minish Cap)
  2. "So! This was what they meant by all of that "source of the flow" business! Well, this waterfall certainly is the source of all Hyrule's water. According to Gustaf, the final element lies somewhere behind the falls. We've dawdled long enough, Link! Let's go find that element!" — Ezlo (The Minish Cap)
  3. "Is that by any chance a shield? Well, among us Gorons, who know well the taste of steel... They are considered a fine delicacy. Little Goron! Please, goro! Let me just nibble on the corner, would you? I will give it back to you just as soon as I've had the tiniest taste." — Biggoron (The Minish Cap)
  4. "It-It seems your shield has changed shape a little as I was chewing on it... Oh, but it's fine! It is still a shield after all, just a slightly differently shaped one! I think..." — Biggoron (The Minish Cap)
  5. "Mnnh! Now I will teach you how to fill your Split Gauge faster than ever!" — Splitblade (The Minish Cap)
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