Vaati's Wrath

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Vaati's Wrath
TMC Vaati's Wrath Sprite.png
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Vaati's Wrath is a Boss in The Minish Cap.[1]


Vaati's Wrath (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Vaati's Wrath Figurine Sprite.png
Vaati's Wrath
This is the embodiment of purest evil,
the final form of the power-mad Vaati.
Its mind is consumed with a hunger for
destruction. Find its weakness.

After Link defeats Vaati Transfigured, he is able to break the curse on Princess Zelda and they attempt to escape Dark Hyrule Castle as it collapses around them. When they arrive in the courtyard, Vaati reappears and transforms into his third and final form, Vaati's Wrath. He warps Link from the courtyard to a dark battlefield.

Vaati's Wrath floats around the room, shooting energy projectiles, and making his arms emerge from the ground by plunging them into it. Link must fire the Cane of Pacci at Vaati's Wrath's arms when they emerge to disconnect them from his body, then quickly use one of the nearby Minish Portals to shrink and enter the discarded arm before Vaati's Wrath reattaches it. Once inside the arm, Link comes across several small eyes; one of these, whose pupil moves, is the arm's core that Link must strike down to destroy the arm. He must then repeat the same process with Vaati's Wrath's other arm; the second time, however, the inside of the arm will be dark, requiring Link to use the Flame Lantern to locate the correct eye.

After both arms are destroyed, Vaati's Wrath's attack pattern changes slightly. He continues shooting energy projectiles from his horns with more intensity, but he also charges up blue energy balls from the four eyes on his underside. Link must clone himself at the right time to reflect those blue energy balls back at Vaati's Wrath's eyes, which will stun him and make him vulnerable to strikes from the Four Sword. Should less than four of his eyes be destroyed, Vaati's Wrath will not be stunned and the eyes will reappear immediately. This process must be repeated until Vaati's Wrath is finally destroyed.


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