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Vaati's Palace

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Vaati's Palace
Vaati's Palace.png
Location(s) Above Hyrule
Game(s) Four Swords
Boss(es) Vaati
Quest Reward(s)Princess Zelda rescued and quest completed

Vaati's Palace,[1] also known as the Palace of Winds,[2] is the fourth and final stage of Four Swords. It also serves as the abode of Vaati. The stage can only be accessed by obtaining the three Keys from the Great Fairies of Forest, Flame and Ice.

Features and Overview

Vaati's Palace entrance

Vaati's Palace is the final level to unite the four Links and reseal the Wind Sorcerer Vaati within his prison. It is stated in the game's prologue to have been the personal dwelling of the Wind Sorcerer Vaati many long years in the past, when he terrorized Hyrule's people and captured beautiful maidens that struck his fancy, whom he would then carry off to his palace among the clouds to keep for his own pleasure. At the game's beginning, Link and Zelda go to check on the seal of Vaati's prison, which is kept locked by a key, the Four Sword. They are soon after ambushed by the Wind Mage himself, who had escaped due to the weakening seal on his prison and had hidden nearby when he heard the pair approaching. He kidnaps Zelda and states his intent to make her his bride before knocking Link out and carrying Zelda off to his Palace in the sky above Hyrule. Left with no choice, Link is forced to draw the Four Sword from its resting place in order to reach the palace and confront Vaati, causing him to be split into four copies of himself.

Entrance to the Palace

To enter Vaati's Palace, the four Links must find the Keys throughout Hyrule that can open the way to the Palace and thus allow them to rescue Zelda from Vaati.

Themes and Navigation

Inside the vast Palace, the four Links are forced to battle numerous foes while also trying to keep from falling to their deaths from the Palace's heights, in order to reach its top and take on the Wind Mage himself. With the power of the Four Sword, they succeed in besting him once again atop the Palace, resealing him within the Four Sword's blade and freeing Princess Zelda from her captivity.

Minor Enemies and Traps


Sprite Name
FS Bomb Sprite.png Bombs
FS Boomerang Sprite.png Boomerang
FS Bow Sprite.png Bow
FS Chain Chomp Sprite.png Chain Chomp
FS Gnat Hat Sprite.png Gnat Hat
FS Magnetic Glove Sprite.png Magnetic Glove
FS Pegasus Boots Sprite.png Pegasus Boots
FS Roc's Cape Sprite.png Roc's Cape
FS Shield Sprite.png Shield


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 風の宮殿 (Kaze no Kyūden) Palace of Winds
Canada FrenchCA Palais de Vaati (FSAE)
Federal Republic of Germany German Vaatis Palast Vaati's Palace
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Palacio de Vaati Vaati's Palace


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