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Owner(s)Dennis Wyman
Webmaster(s)Dennis Wyman
Dan Kulesza
Launch DateJuly 31, 2003

VGRC Networks is a collection of websites geared towards video gamers worldwide. The site claims to be "independent and uninfluenced by massive corporations, which we feel has tarnished the gaming industry."

All of the sites on VGRC Networks are integrated together with the VGRC Passport system, which allows for a global login on all network sites.

VGRC Networks owns a small but growing amount of properties. In addition to the main site, they also run HaloInformer and ZeldaInformer. In the works are Audioboard, a community dedicated to music, VPX, a support site for the Vortex Portal CMS, and Barrel Roll Media, an independent game developer as well as other projects.

Design Revisions

In order to truly appreciate VGRC's current design, one has to look back at where it came from. We warn you, it isn't pretty.

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