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User talk:Zeldalover

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I wait for your answer Adam

And here it is

Quote from my user page:
well, I didn't really want to remove your page but you didn't answer me!
and if I have to behave more like an adult why don't you go and try it to
because calling people an obnoxious idiot for something I didn't do isn't
really friendly. don't you think? so if you are nice to me and answer me
polite I don't have to remove your user page... understand?
  1. I am behaving like an adult. This could be because I am an adult. I have the impression that you are not.
  2. You are correct, my actions were not friendly. Because I am not your friend.
  3. If you take insult that I consider the perpetrator of last month's mass deletions an "obnoxious idiot" (and for the record, those were indeed my words. In hindsight perhaps "obnoxious vandal" would have been more apt), consider this; I directed that at the individual who carried out the act. You claim this was your brother, therefore by inference, he is the idiot.
  4. I see you end with more thinly veiled threats. This is becoming a pattern. And yes, I do understand, thank you for your concern.

--Adam 12:50, 17 May 2007 (PDT)


Went on another deleting spree. I banned him without any expiration time. If he wants to come back, he'd better send me an e-mail and justify his return properly. Not even the spambots vandalize like this. And I don't care who in his family was doing it; the guy should keep watch over his brother, if it was his brother. Zeldalover is responsible for his own account. What he lets other people do on it is his business. However, I have reason to believe that he did everything himself.

I think something that you don't know, Zeldalover, is that you can delete as many pages as you like. All that does is take five minutes out of somebody's day to restore them. Deleting pages on a wiki is utterly useless; there are infinite backups. --Jase 06:22, 20 May 2007 (PDT)

Well, after all that, it turns out my initial assessment was right. What a grade A idiot. It took him well over 2 hours to delete all those pages, and it took Jase mere minutes to undo all the damage. Makes you wonder who really lost out in all this... --Adam 14:28, 20 May 2007 (PDT)