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User talk:FaroreTriforce

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Heya!I am FaroreTriforce(or Leo,call me Leo)!Here i am,coming from the Sacred Realm(Brazil)!I love Zelda,but my friends thinks that Zelda sucks!But Zelda don't sucks!Dragonball is pure shit(They love Dragonball)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Zelda is the best!See ya,Hylians,Gorons,Zoras,Kokiris,Gerudos,Yetis,Anoukis,River Zoras,Zunas,Subrosians,Ikanas,Garos,Yamatamis,Ordonians,Fairies and other tribes!


Hey FaroreTriforce, your additions to the Tingle game articles are very much appreciated, as the games have not been ported over to an English version as of yet, making canonical article creation a bit arduous! =) One little thing though, when you're writing, make sure to put spaces between sentences or other complete thoughts. It helps the article's readability and smoothness, and is also standard grammar, so it's good to practice it! Hope to see you around.

  1. REDIRECT User:Cipriano/sig 02:58, 26 March 2010 (UTC)

Thanks a lot Cipriano!I created an article,Romanos,from The Legend of Zelda:Phantom Hourglass.Hey,can you say to me how putting images in articles?Thanks,and see ya!(I am from Brazil,my English isn't perfect!)

Game shortcuts

Hey! I noticed your recent edit to Epona's Song. Instead of writing out the whole [[The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap|The Minish Cap]] ordeal, it'd be much easier to add it using the Game Formatting Templates. So instead of writing all of that out, you'd just type {{subst:TMC}}, which results in this:

The Minish Cap

Nice, eh? For a list of all Game Formatting Templates, you can go here: http://zeldawiki.org/Category:Formatting_Templates

See you around! :) Dany36 16:07, 1 May 2010 (UTC)