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User:TriforceTony/Sandbox/TP Items

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The following page is a list of the names of every item and object appearing in Twilight Princess in every release of the game. Twilight Princess has been released in the following languages: Japanese, English, France French, German, Italian, Spain Spanish, and Korean. Twilight Princess HD has been released in Japanese, English, Canadian French, France French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Spain Spanish, and Korean. Names followed by "(TPHD)" denote that the name only appears in Twilight Princess HD.

  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular item or object in that language.


Inventory Items

America and AsiaEurope
Item Japan
Canadian French
Republic of Korea
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
Latin American Spanish
TPHD Ancient Sky Book Icon.png
Ancient Sky Book
天空の古文書 (Tenkū no Komonjo)
TPHD Ashei's Sketch Icon.png
Ashei's Sketch
獣人のスケッチ (Jūjin no Sukecchi)
TPHD Ashei's Sketch Icon.png
Auru's Memo
ラフレルのメモ (Rafureru no Memo)
TPHD Ball and Chain Icon.png
Ball and Chain
チェーンハンマー (Chën Hanmā)
TPHD Bomb Icon.png
爆弾 (Bakudan)
TPHD Bombling Icon.png
ポケット爆弾虫 (Poketto Bakudan Mushi)
TPHD Clawshot Icon.png
クローショット (Kurōshotto)
TPHD Dominion Rod Icon.png
Dominion Rod
コピーロッド (Kopī Roddo)
TPHD Double Clawshots Icon.png
Double Clawshot
ダブルクローショット (Daburu Kurōshotto)
TPHD Empty Bottle Icon.png
Empty Bottle
空きビン (Aki Bin)
TPHD Fishing Rod Icon.png
Fishing Rod
釣竿 (Tsurizao)
TPHD Gale Boomerang Icon.png
Gale Boomerang
疾風のブーメラン (Shippū no Būmeran)
TPHD Ghost Lantern Model.png
Ghost Lantern
ゴーストカンテラ (Gōsuto Kantera)
TPHD Hawkeye Icon.png
ホークアイ (Hōku Ai)
TPHD Hero's Bow Icon.png
Hero's Bow
勇者の弓 (Yūsha no Yumi)
TPHD Horse Call Icon.png
Horse Call
陶器の馬笛 (Tōki no Umafue)
TPHD Horse Call Icon.png
Ilia's Charm
イリアの首飾り (Iria no Kubikazari)
TPHD Invoice Icon.png
請求書 (Seikyūsho)
TPHD Iron Boots Icon.png
Iron Boots
アイアンブーツ (Aian Būtsu)
TPHD Lantern Icon.png
カンテラ (Kantera)
Ooccoo Sprite.png
おばちゃん (Obachan)
TPHD Ooccoo Jr. Icon.png
Ooccoo Jr.
おばちゃんの息子 (Obachan no Musuko)
TPHD Renado's Letter Icon.png
Renado's Letter
レナードの手紙 (Renado no Tegami)
TPHD Slingshot Icon.png
パチンコ (Pachinko)
TPHD Spinner Icon.png
スピナー (Supinā)
TPHD Water Bomb Icon.png
Water Bomb
水中爆弾 (Suichū Bakudan)
TPHD Wooden Statue Icon.png
Wooden Statue
木彫りの像 (Kibori no Zō)

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Bottle Items

America and AsiaEurope
Item Japan
Canadian French
Republic of Korea
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
Latin American Spanish
TP Bee Larva Icon.png
Bee Larva
はちのこ (Hachi no Ko)
Blue Chu Jelly 青チュチュゼリー (Ao Chuchu Zerī)
TP Blue Potion Icon.png
Blue Potion
青いクスリ (Aoi Kusuri)
TP Purple Chu Jelly Render.png
Chu Jelly
チュチュゼリー (Chuchu Zerī)
Fairy Sprite.png
Fairy in a Bottle
Superb Soup Sprite.png
Good Soup
ふつうのスープ (Futsū no Sūpu)
Fairy Tears Sprite.png
Great Fairy's Tears
大妖精の雫 (Dai Yōsei no Shizuku)
Green Chu Jelly 緑チュチュゼリー (Midori Chuchu Zerī)
Bottled Water Sprite.png
Hot Springwater
温泉水 (Onsen Mizu)
TP Lantern Oil Icon.png
Lantern Oil
カンテラの油 (Kantera no Abura)
TP Milk Icon.png
ミルク入りビン (Miruku)
Milk (1/2) ミルク(半分) (Miruku (Hanbun))
Nasty Soup
まずいスープ (Mazui Sūpu)
Red Potion Jar TP.png
魔法薬 (Mahōyaku)
Purple Chu Jelly 紫チュチュゼリー (Murasaki Chuchu Zerī)
Rare Chu Jelly レアチュチュゼリー (Rea Chuchu Zerī)
Red Chu Jelly 赤チュチュゼリー (Aka Chuchu Zerī)
TP Red Potion Icon.png
Red Potion
赤いクスリ (Akai Kusuri)
Simple Soup
作りかけのスープ (Tsukuri Kake no Sūpu)
Superb Soup Sprite.png
Superb Soup
極上のスープ (Gokujō no Sūpu)
Bottled Water Sprite.png
水 (Mizu)
Worm Sprite.png
ミミズ (Mimizu)
Yellow Chu Jelly 黄チュチュゼリー (Ki Chuchu Zerī)

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America and AsiaEurope
Item Japan
Canadian French
Republic of Korea
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
Latin American Spanish
TP Ordon Shield Render.png
盾 (Tate)
Ordon Sword.png
剣 (Ken)
TPHD Wooden Sword Icon.png
Wooden Sword
木刀 (Bokutō)
TPHD Ordon Sword Icon.png
Ordon Sword
トアルの剣 (Toaru no Ken)
TPHD Master Sword Icon.png
Master Sword
マスターソード (Masutā Sōdo)
TPHD Ordon Shield Icon.png
Ordon Shield
トアルの盾 (Toaru no Tate)
TPHD Wooden Shield Icon.png
Wooden Shield
木の盾 (Ki no Tate)
TPHD Hylian Shield Icon.png
Hylian Shield
ハイリアの盾 (Hairia no Tate)
Link Ordonian Outfit.png
Ordonian Outfit
牧童の服 (Bokudō no Fuku)
TPHD Hero's Clothes Icon.png
Hero's Clothes
勇者の服 (Yūsha no Fuku)
TPHD Zora Armor Icon.png
Zora Armor
ゾーラの服 (Zōra no Fuku)
TPHD Magic Armor Icon.png
Magic Armor
マジックアーマー (Majikku Āmā)

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Other Items and Objects

America and AsiaEurope
Item Japan
Canadian French
Republic of Korea
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
Latin American Spanish
TPHD Arrow Icon.png
矢 (Ya)
Basket カゴ (Kago)
Bag of Rupees.png
Bag of Rupees
TP Bedroom Key Icon.png
Bedroom Key
寝室のカギ (Shinshitsu no Kagi)
TPHD Boss Key Icon.png
Big Key
ボス部屋のカギ (Bosu Heya no Kagi)
TPHD Big Quiver Icon.png
Big Quiver
大きな矢立て (Ōkina Yatate)
TPHD Big Wallet Icon.png
Big Wallet
大きなサイフ (Ōkina Saifu)
TP Blue Rupee Icon.png
Blue Rupee
青ルピー (Ao Rupī)
TPHD Bomb Bag Icon.png
Bomb Bag
ボム袋 (Bomu Fukuro)
Bottomless Wallet 底なしのサイフ (Sokonashi no Saifu)
コンパス (Konpasu)
TPHD Coral Earring Icon.png
Coral Earring
珊瑚の耳飾り (Sango no Mimikazari)
TPHD Dungeon Map Icon.png
Dungeon Map
ダンジョンマップ (Danjon Mappu)
Empty Can.png
Empty Can
Frog Lure.png
Frog Lure
Fused Shadows
TPHD Giant Bomb Bag Icon.png
Giant Bomb Bag
最大のボム袋 (Saidai no Bomu Fukuro)
TPHD Giant Quiver Icon.png
Giant Quiver
最大の矢立て (Saidai no Yatate)
TPHD Giant Wallet Icon.png
Giant Wallet
最大のサイフ (Saidai no Saifu)
TP Green Rupee Icon.png
Green Rupee
緑ルピー (Midori Rupī)
Heart ハート (Hāto)
TPHD Heart Container Icon.png
Heart Container
ハートの器 (Hāto no Utsuwa)
Goron Mines Key Shard3.png
Key Shard
カギのかけら (Kagi no Kakera)
TP Sinking Lure Model.png
Light Arrows
光の矢 (Hikari no Ya)
Twilight Mirror.png
Mirror of Twilight
陰りの鏡 (Kageri no Kagami)
TP Mirror Shard Icon.png
Mirror Shards
陰りの鏡のかけら (Kageri no Kagami no Kakera)
TP Orange Rupee Icon.png
Orange Rupee
オレンジルピー (Orenji Rupī)
Ordon Goat Cheese
トアル山羊のチーズ (Toaru Yagi no Chīzu)
TPHD Ordon Pumpkin Icon.png
Ordon Pumpkin
トアルカボチャ (Toaru Kabocha)
TPHD Piece of Heart Icon.png
Piece of Heart
ハートのかけら (Hāto no Kakera)
TPHD Poe Soul Icon.png
Poe Soul
ゴーストの魂 (Gōsuto no Tamashī)
Popper Lure.png
Popper Lure
Pellet Sprite.png
Pumpkin Seed
カボチャのタネ (Kabocha no Tane)
TP Purple Rupee Icon.png
Purple Rupee
紫ルピー (Murasaki Rupī)
TPHD Quiver Icon.png
矢立て (Yatate)
TP Red Rupee Icon.png
Red Rupee
赤ルピー (Aka Rupī)
TP Rupees Artwork.png
ルピー (Rupī)
TP Scarecrow Model.png
カカシ (Kakashi)
Pellet Sprite.png
タネ (Tane)
Shadow Crystal
陰呪の結晶 (Kage Noru no Kesshō)
影の結晶石 (Kage no Kesshō Ishi)
TP Silver Rupee Icon.png
Silver Rupee
シルバールピー (Shirubā Rupī)
TP Sinking Lure Model.png
Sinking Lure
TPHD Small Key Icon.png
Small Key
小さなカギ (Chīsana Kagi)
Spinner Lure.png
Spinner Lure
Swimmer Lure.png
Swimmer Lure
Target マト (Mato)
Tears of Light 光の雫 (Hikari no Shizuku)
TPHD Vessel of Light Icon.png
Vessel of Light
光の器 (Hikari no Utsuwa)
TPHD Wallet Icon.png
サイフ (Saifu)
TP Yellow Rupee Icon.png
Yellow Rupee
黄ルピー (Ki Rupī)

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