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User:TriforceTony/Sandbox/TFH Locations

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The following page is a list of the names of every location appearing in Tri Force Heroes in every release of the game. Tri Force Heroes has been released in the following languages: Japanese, English, Canadian French, France French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Spain Spanish, and Korean.

  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular location in that language.


America and AsiaEurope
Location Japan
Canadian French
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
Latin American Spanish
Coliseum Lobby.jpg
Arène Coliseo
TFH Daily Riches Exterior.png
Daily Riches
Trésor du jour Tienda del cofre del tesoro
TFH Drablands Artwork.png
Contrées maléfiques Harapia
TFH Hytopia Opening.png
Hytopia Pasarelia
TFH Hytopia Castle Portrait.png
Hytopia Castle
Château d'Hytopia Castillo de Pasarelia
TFH Madame Couture's Exterior.jpg
Madame Couture's
Chez Madame Couture Boutique Sastria
TFH Miiverse Gallery Exterior.jpg
Miiverse Gallery
Galerie Miiverse Estudio
Location United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
British English
French Republic
France French
Federal Republic of Germany
Italian Republic
Kingdom of Spain
Spain Spanish
Coliseum Lobby.jpg
TFH Daily Riches Exterior.png
Daily Riches
TFH Drablands Artwork.png
TFH Hytopia Opening.png
TFH Hytopia Castle Portrait.png
Hytopia Castle
TFH Madame Couture's Exterior.jpg
Madame Couture's
TFH Miiverse Gallery Exterior.jpg
Miiverse Gallery

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America and AsiaEurope
Location Japan
Canadian French
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
Latin American Spanish
TFH Woodlands Artwork.png
Bois Bosque
TFH Deku Forest.png
Deku Forest
デクの森 (Deku no Mori) Forêt mojo Bosque deku
TFH Buzz Blob Cave.png
Buzz Blob Cave
Caverne électrique Caverna eléctrica
TFH Moblin Base.png
Moblin Base
モリブリンの砦 (Moriburin no Toride) Fort moblin Fortaleza moblin
TFH Forest Temple.png
Forest Temple
Temple de la forêt Templo del bosque
TFH Riverside Artwork.png
Rivière Rivera
TFH Secret Fortress.png
Secret Fortress
Forteresse secrète Fortaleza secreta
TFH Abyss of Agony.png
Abyss of Agony
Gouffre sans retour Abismo sin retorno
TFH Cove of Transition.png
Cove of Transition
Crique capricieuse Cueva cambiante
TFH Water Temple.png
Water Temple
Temple de l'eau Templo del agua
TFH Volcano Artwork.png
Volcan Volcán
TFH Blazing Trail.png
Blazing Trail
Sentier ardent Sendero ardiente
TFH Hinox Mine.png
Hinox Mine
Galeries hinox Mina hinox
TFH Den of Flames Stage 1.png
Den of Flames
Rive de feu Morada de las llamas
TFH Fire Temple.png
Fire Temple
Temple du feu Templo del fuego
TFH Ice Cavern Artwork.png
Ice Cavern
Grotte Caverna
TFH Frozen Plateau.png
Frozen Plateau
Plateau glacé Tierra del hielo eterno
TFH Snowball Ravine.png
Snowball Ravine
Vallée Boules de neige Cañón nevado
TFH Silver Shrine Stage 1.png
Silver Shrine
Sanctuaire d'argent Santuario de plata
TFH Ice Temple Stage 1.png
Ice Temple
Temple de glace Templo del hielo
TFH Fortress Artwork.png
Forteresse Fortaleza
TFH Sealed Gateway Stage 2.png
Sealed Gateway
Portes scellées Entrada sellada
TFH Bomb Storage.png
Bomb Storage
Réserve de bombes Almacén de bombas
TFH Training Ground Stage 1.png
Training Ground
Centre d'entraînment Sala armos
TFH The Lady's Lair Stage 1.png
The Lady's Lair
Forteresse de Lady Fortaleza de Milady
TFH Dunes Artwork.png
The Dunes
Désert Desierto
TFH Infinity Dunes Stage 1.png
Infinity Dunes
Dunes sans fin Dunas infinitas
TFH Stone Corridors Stage 1.png
Stone Corridors
Cloître de pierre Corredores de piedra
TFH Gibdo Mausoleum Stage 2.png
Gibdo Mausoleum
Tombeau gibdo Mausoleo gibdo
TFH Desert Temple Stage 1.png
Desert Temple
Temple du désert Templo del desierto
TFH Ruins Artwork.png
The Ruins
Ruines Ruinas
TFH Illusory Mansion Stage 2.png
Illusory Mansion
Maison des illusions Mansión del engaño
TFH Palace Noir Stage 1.png
Palace Noir
Palace des ténèbres Palacio de la oscuridad
TFH Lone Labyrinth Stage 1.png
Lone Labyrinth
dédale des sanglots Laberinto de los lamentos
TFH Grim Temple Stage 3.png
Grim Temple
temple de l'au-delá Templo del inframundo
TFH Sky Realm Artwork.png
Sky Realm
Ciel Cielo
TFH Floating Garden Stage 1.png
Floating Garden
Jardins flottants Jardin celeste
TFH Deception Castle Stage 1.png
Deception Castle
Fort du dépit Castillo de las trampas
TFH Dragon Citadel Stage 1.png
Dragon Citadel
Bastion Dragon Fortaleza del dragón
TFH Sky Temple Stage 1.png
Sky Temple
Temple du ciel Templo del cielo
TFH Den of Trials Artwork.png
Den of Trials
Crypte Gruta del desafío
TFH Forest Zone.jpg
Forest Zone
Zone forestière Zona boscosa
No Image.png
Flooded Zone
Zone inondée Zona inundada
No Image.png
Scorching Zone
Zone ardente Zona ardiente
No Image.png
Frozen Zone
Zone gelée Zona helada
No Image.png
Fortified Zone
Zone fortifiée Zona fortificada
No Image.png
Desert Zone
Zone aride Zona desértica
No Image.png
Shadow Zone
Zone obscure Zona oscura
No Image.png
Baneful Zone
Zone ultime Zona definitiva

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