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User:TriforceTony/Sandbox/Bomb Bag

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Bomb Bag
TP Bomb Bag Render.png
A Bomb Bag from Twilight Princess
Use(s) Storing Bombs

Bomb Bags are recurring objects in The Legend of Zelda series. They are satchels in which Link carries his supply of Bombs.

Location and Uses

Bomb Bags are not present in all The Legend of Zelda games. In earlier games such as A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening, Link's Bomb capacity is instead increased by the blessings of other characters, such as Venus and the Mad Batter.

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time it is said that the Bomb Bag is made from the stomach lining of a Dodongo.[1] It is often possible to acquire larger Bomb Bags as Link progresses, thereby increasing the capacity of Bombs that Link can carry at a time.

Majora's Mask

The Wind Waker

The Minish Cap

Twilight Princess

Phantom Hourglass

Spirit Tracks

Skyward Sword

Game Location Method of Obtainment Capacity Image
Ocarina of Time Dodongo's Cavern Obtained as the dungeon item. 20
Bomb Bag.png
Goron City Obtained by stopping the Hot Rodder Goron as Young Link.[2] 30
MM BigBombBag.png
Market Obtained randomly by beating the Bombchu Bowling Alley mini-game. 40
MM BiggestBombBag.png
Majora's Mask West Clock Town Purchased at the Bomb Shop for 50 Rupees. 20
Bomb Bag.png
West Clock Town Purchased at the Bomb Shop after saving the Old Lady from Sakon during the night of the First Day for 90 Rupees. If she is not saved, the upgrade will be available at a higher price of 100 Rupees at the Curiosity Shop on the Final Day. 30
MM BigBombBag.png
Goron Village Obtained from the Business Scrub by trading the Big Bomb Bag and 200 Rupees.[3] 40
MM BiggestBombBag.png
The Wind Waker Windfall Island Obtained from Niko after completing his second test in Tetra's Ship. 30
Eastern Fairy Island Obtained from the Great Fairy. 60
Southern Fairy Island Obtained from the Great Fairy. 99
The Minish Cap Belari's house, outside the Minish Village Obtained from Belari after completing the Deepwood Shrine. 10
Hyrule Castle Town Obtained at Stockwell's Shop for 600 Rupees. Triforce piece.png 30
Mount Crenel Obtained from the Great Mayfly Fairy after throwing a Bomb at her Fountain. 50
Wind Ruins Obtained from a chest appearing after fusing Kinstones with Belari. 99
Twilight Princess Kakariko Village Purchased at Barnes Bomb Shop for 120 Rupees. 30 Bombs,
15 Water Bombs or
10 Bomblings
TP Bomb Bag Render.png
Upper Zora's River Obtained from Iza when clearing the river from the boulders with Bomb Arrows. 30 Bombs,
15 Water Bombs or
10 Bomblings
TP Bomb Bag Render.png
Zora's Domain Obtained from the Goron trapped inside the Molten Shard in the throne room after blowing it with Water Bombs. 30 Bombs,
15 Water Bombs or
10 Bomblings
TP Bomb Bag Render.png
Upper Zora's River Obtained by scoring 25 points on Iza's Rapids Ride mini-game. 60 Bombs,
30 Water Bombs or
20 Bomblings
Phantom Hourglass Temple of Wind Obtained as the dungeon item. 10
ST Bomb Bag Model.png
Beedle's Shop Ship Purchased from Beedle for 1,000 Rupees. 20
ST Bomb Bag Medium.png
Bannan Island Obtained by scoring 2,500 points at the Cannon Game. 30
PHST Bomb Bag Biggest.png
Spirit Tracks Beedle's Air Shop Purchased from Beedle for 500 Rupees. ST Bomb Bag 1.png
ST Bomb Bag Model.png
Whittleton Obtained by beating the current record at the Whip Race. ST Bomb Bag 2.png
ST Bomb Bag Medium.png
Hyrule Castle Town Obtained by completing level 2 of the Take 'Em All On! mini-game. ST Bomb Bag 3.png
PHST Bomb Bag Biggest.png
Skyward Sword Earth Temple Obtained as the dungeon item. 10
SS BombBag.png
Skyloft Bazaar Purchased from the Gear Shop for 150 Rupees. 5 extra Bombs
SS Bomb Bag Small Icon.png
The Sky Obtained from a Goddess Chest at the Isle of Songs. 5 extra Bombs
SS Bomb Bag Small Icon.png
Skyloft Bazaar Obtained by upgrading the Bomb Bag to Lv2 at the Scrap Shop. 10 extra Bombs
SS Bomb Bag Medium Icon.png
Skyloft Bazaar Obtained by upgrading the Bomb Bag to Lv3 at the Scrap Shop. 15 extra Bombs
SS Bomb Bag Large Icon.png


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
French-speaking countries French Sac de Bombes Bomb Sack
Federal Republic of Germany German Bombentasche Bomb Bag
Italian Republic Italian Portabombe Bombholder
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Saco de Bombas Bomb Sack



  1. "You found a Bomb Bag! This bomb-holding bag is made from a Dodongo's stomach!" — N/A (Ocarina of Time)
  2. "If you can stop my wild rolling, you might get something great. -Hot Rodder Goron" — Sign (Ocarina of Time)
  3. "I'll give you my Biggest Bomb Bag, regularly priced at 1000 Rupees... In return, you'll give me your Big Bomb Bag and just 200 Rupees!" — Business Scrub (Majora's Mask)