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The following page is a list of the names of miscellaneous topics appearing in A Link Between Worlds in every release of the game. A Link Between Worlds has been released in the following languages: Japanese, American English, British English, Canadian French, European French, German, Italian, Korean, Latin American Spanish, and European Spanish. A Link Between Worlds has manual adaptations in Dutch, European Portuguese and Russian, though no localizations for the game have been released in these languages. Because of this, only some terms have official names in Dutch, European Portuguese and Russian.

  • Empty cells indicate that a name has not yet been found for that particular term in that language.
  • Darkened cells () indicate there is no given name for that particular term in that language.


America and AsiaEuropeManual-Only
Term Japan
Republic of Korea
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
A Link Between Worlds logo.png
A Link Between Worlds
Energy Gauge.png
Energy Gauge
노력 게이지 (Nolyeog Geiji)
ALBW Painting I.jpg
Painting I: The Golden Triforce
제1장 (Je 1 Jang)
『황금의 트라이포스』 (“Hwang-geum-ui Teulaiposeu”)
ALBW Painting II.jpg
Painting II: The Sealed Triforce
제2장 (Je 2 Jang)
『트라이포스의 봉인』 (“Teulaiposeuui Bong-in”)
ALBW Painting III.jpg
Painting III: The Demon King
제3장 (Je 3 Jang)
『대마왕 가논』 (“Daemawang Ganon”)
ALBW Painting IV.jpg
Painting IV: The Hero Awakens
제4장 (Je 4 Jang)
『용사의 각성』 (“Yongsaui Gagseong”)
ALBW Painting V.jpg
Painting V: The Triforce, Split Apart
제5장 (Je 5 Jang)
『긴 잠에 드는 트라이포스』 (“Gin Jam-e Deuneun Teulaiposeu”)
StreetPass 엇갈림 통신 (Eosgallim Tongsin)

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