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BotW Sidon Model.png
Zora Prince[1]
King Dorephan (father)
Mipha (sister)

Prince Sidon is a member of the Zora royal family in Breath of the Wild. He is the son of King Dorephan and younger brother to the late Zora Champion, Mipha.






Later on, further up the river


At Luto's Crossing


(Moblin attacks)

If Link approaches behind him at Zora's Domain


He can be found trying to reason with Muzu in front of Mipha's statue.[9][10] If Link speaks with Muzu, he will reaffirm his disinterest in cooperating with a Hylian.[11]




This reawakens one of Link's memories of a time when Mipha










At the East Reservoir Lake,






Sidon shakes Link's hand [29]


Sidon's name is likely derived from si and do from solfège, fitting the musical naming scheme that the majority of the Zoras in Breath of the Wild share.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseシド (Shido)
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  1. ↑ "Sidon
    Zora Prince
    " β€” N/A (Breath of the Wild)
  2. ↑ "Say, hey there! Young one! Up top! Above you!" β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  3. ↑ "Pardon the entrance, but you're a Hylian, aren't you? I was hoping perhaps you'd have a moment to talk..." β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  4. ↑ "Aha! A Hylian! Yes, I knew it! Oh, pardon me... I am Sidon, the Zora prince. And what is your name? Go on, please tell me! Link? Your name is Link?! What a fantastic name! Hmm, though I cannot shake the feeling that I have heard it somewhere before... Well, in any case, it is a strong name! To be honest, I've been watching you. I've seen the way you work. I can tell by how you carry yourself that you are no ordinary person. Link! You must be a strong warrior among the Hylians, correct?! [That's right.] Aha! Just as I suspected! I am a Zora prince, after all. I have an eye for talent that is unparalleled! Yes! Exquisite! I have been searching for someone like you for a long while. A man like you, Link, who carries himself with power! Right now, Zora's Domain is in grave danger because of the massive rainfall coming from Divine Beast Vah Ruta! Please, promise you will help us! We need your strength, warrior! Won't you please come to Zora's Domain with me? [Sure thing.] Wow! Really?! Thank you, Link! You are indeed the man I thought you were! Now Zora's Domain will be saved for certain! No time to waste! Hurry up and head over! Because of the rain, the cliffs are too wet to climb. To reach the domain, you will need to go straight along this path. As a Hylian, I know you are unable to swim up the river. As such, the path to the domain may be a bit treacherous. You likely have a tough fight in storeβ€”there are monsters up ahead that attack with electricity. Don't give up! I believe in you! ... Oh! That's right! I have something that I would like to give to you! This is just a small trinket to show that I have faith in you." β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  5. ↑ "It is a drink that will increase your resistance to electricity! I am not sure why, but its effects do not seem to work for Zora. Perhaps because it was made specifically for Hylians. It should work wonders for you, though! I shall go on ahead and make sure there is not anything strange going on where you are headed. I'm counting on you!" β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  6. ↑ "Hey! Link!! Sorry for calling out to you from the river! Since I pressured you into coming, I was not sure you would really come through. I am pleased things are going well. Ever since this strange occurrence, there have been a lot of monsters around here. Be careful as you proceed! And hurry! All of my fellow Zora are anxiously awaiting your arrival!" β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  7. ↑ "Hey! Link!! Look below! Down here! You are still pretty far off, my friend! But I was sure you'd be passing over this bridge, so I have been waiting for you. You will be in Zora's Domain before you know it! In fact, I'm going to head that way too! I shall meet you there! Whoa! Link!! Beware, warrior! A monster approaches from behind you!" β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  8. ↑ "Whoa! I did not expect you to walk so closely behind me! Indeed, you gave me a fright. However... I've been waiting for you, Link! Welcome! Behold the pride of my people Zora's Domain! Now I shall introduce you to the king. Hurry, this way!" β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  9. ↑ "Muzu... Please listen..." β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  10. ↑ "I don't care what you say!" β€” Muzu (Breath of the Wild)
  11. ↑ "Hmph. You came all the way here, but it was in vain. I have no desire to speak with you." β€” Muzu (Breath of the Wild)
  12. ↑ "Listen well, Muzu. There is something you need to know. He who stands here...the man called Link...is the one whom my sister, Mipha, had feelings for. I was only a child then, so I did not know it myself at the time. But it is so. I grew up hearing my father tell stories, some of which were about my sister's undying love for a Hylian named Link." β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  13. ↑ "What?! No... You cannot fool me with such a fanciful lie. Not this Zora! How could Lady Mipha possibly have feelings for a Hylian like him?! The facts are clear. He remembers nothing. Even when he looks upon Princess Mipha's statue..." β€” Muzu (Breath of the Wild)
  14. ↑ "It is the truth, Muzu. Though you never knew it, he was ever in Mipha's heart." β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  15. ↑ "What is the matter, Link? Are you unwell?" β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  16. ↑ "Hm? You are quivering like a hatchling... Whatever is the matter? [Mipha... I remember.] WHAT?! Do not mistake me for a fool, Hylian! There is no way you remember her just now, when it is most convenient. In any case, without solid proof, I cannot possibly take you at your word! If you have any such proof, now is the time to show it. Do so, and...and I...I shall tell you how to get those shock arrows! Yes, as well as anything else you wish to know." β€” Muzu (Breath of the Wild)
  17. ↑ "Have you truly not figured it out yet? Simply take a closer look at what Link is wearing!" β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  18. ↑ "Hm? You really think changing your clothes is going to make me... Eh?! What in the... That is the Zora armor from before! Lady Mipha made that by hand...and yet it fits you perfectly! What is the meaning of this?!" β€” Muzu (Breath of the Wild)
  19. ↑ "Now you understand, do you not? Now you know who her heart belonged to and who she made this special armor for. The fact that this armor fits Link perfectly should be proof enough that Mipha made it for him and him alone! You have always disliked Hylians, even before the Great Calamity. That is why Mipha never told you. Now that you know, you must promise to help him save us all, Muzu. Please... Tell us where we can find the shock arrows we need. Knowing you, I bet you have already figured it out." β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  20. ↑ "Hmph. I never would have imagined she would make that special armor for one such as he... ... I do not approve of asking for help from a Hylian, but I suppose it is our only option at this point. I am a proud Zora. That means I must take responsibility for my unwarranted behavior toward you. As promised, I shall tell you where you can collect as many shock arrows as you will need. That tall mounter over yonder... It is called Ploymous Mountain, and there you will also find Shatterback Point. A terrifying creature has made its home up there. This awful beast shoots volley after volley of shock arrows. Even a single one could be fatal to a Zora." β€” Muzu (Breath of the Wild)
  21. ↑ "Aha! You must mean that Lynel! He is a man-beast, that one! That beast does indeed wield shock arrows. That is certainly one way to collect them quickly. He is vicious, to be sure. But I am certain Link will rise up to the challenge." β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  22. ↑ "In order to appease the Divine Beast, I estimate that you will need...hmm...at least 20 shock arrows. Do you think you can gather that many?" β€” Muzu (Breath of the Wild)
  23. ↑ "Why do you still doubt him, Muzu? I have no doubt he will be triumphant! OK, Link. Let's get moving. The fastest way to Ploymus Mountain is to ascent the waterfall east of the domain! That Zora armor should come in handy. Just swim to the waterfall basin, and then go up the waterfall from there! I'll wait at East Reservoir Lake, right by the Divine Beast. Gather at least 20 shock arrows, and then come join me! [I'm on it!] Wonderful! Together we shall stop that Divine Beast's onslaught!" β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  24. ↑ "Glad to see you're ready to go, Link! Are you ready for this? Do you have your Zora armor and enough shock arrows? [I'm ready!] Wonderful! You never cease to amaze, Link! Now then, let us go and appease that Divine Beast as one! Here we go!!" β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  25. ↑ "Gaze now upon the Divine Beast's back! Do you see those glowing, pink orbs? You will need to shoot each of them with a shock arrow! With your Zora armor, you now have the ability to ascend waterfalls! So I shall take you right up the the side of the Divine Beast, and from there you can swim up and take aim! I know you can do it! I believe in you! Now hurry up and get on my back! [I'm ready.] Good answer! Let's get going! OK! Here we go!! Ha! I am unstoppable in the water! Ruta is responding to our presence! I'll move away and wait for an opening before we approach! I'll keep going at full speed! It's up to you to ward off Ruta's attacks! Are you ready? Divine Beast Vah Ruta will undoubtedly use its ancient and mysterious powers against us... That includes hurling giant ice blocks that we will need to watch out for. I shall leave those to you!" β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  26. ↑ "WOW! That was astounding! An absolute thrill! Link, look! The water spouting from Ruta has slowed down! Ruta is floating higher now! You wanted to venture inside it, right?! I'll bring you closer! We're counting on you, hero! Do good work in there!" β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  27. ↑ "Well, Link, here we are. Looks like this is where the real work starts. Best of luck. Nice job cutting off the water flow from this Divine Beast. Show the enemy no fear. I'll see you back at Zora's Domain. Farewell." β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  28. ↑ "Link! This is wonderful!" β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
  29. ↑ "Link! Thank you so much! Truly, I could never thank you enough! You helped save our home from vanishing away! This calls for a top-tier expression of gratitude! ZO! ZO! RA RA RA! With all my heart... Thank you!" β€” Sidon (Breath of the Wild)