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Knight's Uniform
Link SS 3.png
Artwork of Link wearing the Knight's Uniform from Skyward Sword
Other media
Location(s) Knight Academy (SS)
Comparable Item(s) Cap of the Sky
Hero's Clothes
Trousers of the Sky
Tunic of the Sky

The Knight's Uniform, also known as the Knight of Skyloft Tunic in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends, is a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

Skyward Sword

The Knight's Uniform is a set of clothing given to Senior students at the Knight Academy in Skyloft.[1] In order to earn a Knight's Uniform, students must participate in the Wing Ceremony. The student who comes in first place in the Wing Ceremony is guaranteed to advance in their grade,[2] though it's also possible for other students to advance alongside them and receive Knight's Uniforms as well.[3] Knight's Uniforms come in an array of colors, with each color changing every year.

Link wins first place in the Wing Ceremony at the beginning of his journey in Skyward Sword, earning him a place in the senior class. However, Zelda's disappearance from The Sky prompted Fi to awaken Link to his destiny.[4] Beckoning Link inside the Chamber of the Sword, Fi informs Link of his role in Hylia's mission to counter Demise and prompts him to take the Goddess Sword.[5] Having followed Link inside the Chamber of the Sword and overheard Fi, Gaepora urges Link to rescue his missing daughter. To help Link with his quest, Gaepora mentions that the Knight's Uniform commissioned for Link's graduation should be finished and returns with him to the Knight Academy to retrieve it.[6]

Inside Link's room at the Knight Academy, Link dons the Knight's Uniform. Gaepora shares his apprehensions about the Knight's Uniform's green color, though he claims that it suits Link well.[7] Link wears the Knight's Uniform for the remainder of his journey.

After receiving his Knight's Uniform, various characters will respond to Link's new attire.[8][9][10]

Breath of the Wild

Main article: Sky Set

The Sky Set in Breath of the Wild is said to be a Knight's Uniform from ancient times. Each piece of Armor in the Sky Set heavily implies that they were once worn by Link in the Sky Era.[11][12][13]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

Courage Pack Skyward Sword Costume Set

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Adventure Map Battle F2


  • Cawlin, Fledge, Groose, and Strich wear Tunics reminiscent of Knight's Uniforms, though none of them are Senior students or Knights. All four of them also lack accompanying Caps seemingly given to all Knights and Senior students.


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