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Kakariko Village
BotW Kakariko Village.png
Kakariko Village from Breath of the Wild
Main appearance(s)
Other appearance(s)
A Link to The Past:
Piece of Heart Γ—2, Bug Catching Net, Bottle x2
Ocarina of Time:
Piece of Heart Γ—4, Bottle, Wallet upgrade x2, Stone of Agony, Quiver upgrade, "Song of Storms," "Nocturne of Shadow," Gold Skulltula Γ—6
Twilight Princess:
Piece of Heart Γ—3, Hawkeye, Bomb Bag, Zora Armor, Poe Soul Γ—2, Male Ant
A Link Between Worlds:
Piece of Heart Γ—4, Bug Net, Bottle, Smooth Gem, Lost Maiamai Γ—3
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Kakariko Village is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series. Kakariko is said to have been founded by the Sheikah, attendants who serve the Royal Family of Hyrule, and it used to be their village exclusively before Impa herself opened up the village to the common people.[2][3] The Graveyard by the village is known to be the final resting place of the members of the Royal Family and deceased Zora leaders.[4]

Features and Overview

A Link to the Past

In A Link to the Past, Kakariko Village is the largest settlement in the game. It is located in the western side of the Light World, just south of the Lost Woods. Here there are several merchants, as well as characters with vital information for Link. Being the largest city in the game, Kakariko Village has a number of businesses, including a blacksmith, a shop, a Street Merchant, a Fortune Teller, a tavern, and an inn.

Kakariko is the home of Sahasrahla, the famed elder, and his family, and it is with the intention to find him that Link first comes to the village.[5] Upon arriving in Kakariko, Link discovers that he has been blamed for the abduction of Princess Zelda, and that some villagers who believe him to be guilty will summon soldiers to arrest him.[6][7] Others are more sympathetic, and the family of Sahasrahla will provide him with clues as to his whereabouts.[8][9]

After Link retrieves the Master Sword from its pedestal in the Lost Woods, Kakariko Village will be overrun by soldiers who will attack Link at sight, forcing the village's citizens to remain inside their homes. It is also at this point that Link can free the bird sealed within the Weathercock located in the middle of the village. After the young hero receives the Flute from the Flute Boy in the Dark World, Link can play the instrument in front of the statue to reveal a small bird within. Now that the bird has been awakened, Link can call the flying animal so that it can transport the young hero to specific places in the Light World any time the ocarina is played.

Blind, the leader of a gang of thieves, once lived in Kakariko Village, where his home served as the hideout for his mischievous companions.[10] However, when Link visits Blind's home, the hideout turns out to be vacant except for a couple of Treasure Chests the thief left behind.[11] During Link's adventure to rescue the Seven Maidens, he journeys to Kakariko Village's Dark World counterpart: the Village of Outcasts, a town notorious for its corrupt establishments as well as the many thieves it has roaming around. It is here that he finds Blind, who reveals himself to be the boss to the Dark World's fourth dungeon: Thieves' Town.

Ocarina of Time

Kakariko Village in Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, Kakariko Village is the main settlement of Hyrule. It is located in the northeastern portion of Hyrule, right next to Hyrule Castle Town and at the foothills of Death Mountain. The town is an entrance to a number of locations, such as the Shadow Temple, the Bottom of the Well, the graveyard, and the Death Mountain Trail.

The village's origins are elaborated upon during the game, explaining that it was founded by the Sheikah, the guardians of the Royal Family of Hyrule.[2] Moreover, it is revealed that the village was home to only those pertaining to the Sheikah tribe, although it was later opened up to the poor commoners by Impa, who was also born and raised in Kakariko.[12][13] As such, she is often considered the leader of Kakariko Village, not only for having helped the poor commoners of Hyrule, but also for her great efforts in trying to turn the village into a great city to equal the bustling metropolis that is Hyrule Castle Town.[14][15]

Kakariko Village as seen in Ocarina of Time is one of the most prominent locations in the game due to it being Link's primary destination many times during his adventure through Hyrule. The town is home to many important attractions, such as the windmill, which is used to draw water up from the well, the village's only source of water. It is also the location of the Kakariko Graveyard, where the souls of the fallen Hyruleans, Hylian Royal Family, and Sheikah tribe members are said to rest.[2] The small town also contains many buildings of interest, including a Potion Shop, a Shooting Gallery (still under construction in the earlier time period,) and a Bazaar. Some notable residents include the Cucco Lady, the Carpenters, the Graveyard Boy and his family, and DampΓ©. Through various actions, Link will obtain numerous items from this village, including the Lens of Truth, a bottle, a Hylian Shield, and several Ocarina Songs, such as the Song of Storms, Sun's Song, and Nocturne of Shadow. The House of Skulltula is also here, where Link will be rewarded based on how many Gold Skulltulas he has killed.

Kakariko Village on fire after Bongo Bongo escapes

Link's first visit to Kakariko is called upon when Impa advises the young hero to go to her village to learn more about the Spiritual Stone of Fire, the Goron's Ruby. When Link first visits Kakariko as a child, he finds that most of the village is under construction due to Impa's goal of trying to improve the small town and turn it into a true city.[15] Later on, once Link learns the Song of Storms as an adult, the young hero can play that melody inside the windmill in front of Guru-Guru to dry up the well, allowing him to explore the interior of the well and obtain the Lens of Truth in the process.

During the time that Link remains in his seven-year slumber due to him retrieving the Master Sword from its pedestal, Ganondorf launches an attack on Hyrule Castle Town, forcing its citizens to flee to Kakariko Village to escape from his wrath.[16][17] When Link returns to Kakariko after having awakened Princess Ruto as the Sage of Water, he finds the village in flames. The young hero learns from Sheik that the evil shadow spirit, which had been sealed by Impa long ago, has escaped from the bottom of the well, wreaking havoc on the village and setting it on fire (which is later extinguished by the constant rain falling upon the village).[18] The spirit easily defeats both Link and Sheik, and once the young hero regains consciousness, Sheik explains that Impa has gone to the Shadow Temple in an effort to try and seal the spirit again. Sheik goes on to reveal that Impa is one of the six Sages, and he urges Link to go help Impa by teaching him the Nocturne of Shadow. This song, which is the melody necessary to gain access to the upper part of the graveyard, is the only entrance to the Shadow Temple, where the "Phantom Shadow Beast" Bongo Bongo resides.[19]

Four Swords Adventures

Main article: Kakariko Village (Four Swords Adventures)
Kakariko Village in Four Swords Adventures

In Four Swords Adventures, Kakariko Village appears as the second stage of The Dark World level. The village is set in the middle of the darkness that is covering northwestern Hyrule known as the Dark World, which as a result has warped its appearance into a cursed place in a state of anarchy.[20] The Links arrive to the village on their search for the Dark Mirror, and find that the town is overrun with thieves and set ablaze by the Shadow Links. The Links work to capture the thieves and douse the village's flames, before continuing on their search for the Temple of Darkness. In this appearance, Kakariko Village has no prominent features, and is a simple collection of houses with a few residents.

To the east of town is a downstream river that leads to the end of the stage, where the Links encounter and fight a Big Dark Stalfos, and in doing so, rescue one of the four Knights of Hyrule and recover the Green Royal Jewel.

Twilight Princess

Kakariko Village covered in Twilight in Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, Kakariko Village is located in the Eldin Province, right below Death Mountain and just southeast of Hyrule Field. It has several homes, as well as a Bomb Shop, an inn, a sanctuary, a spring, and a hot spring. Moreover, a graveyard can also be found right behind the sanctuary, housing the tombstone of the King Zora. According to Rutela, Kakariko Village is considered to be a "sacred place for the Zora people" since that is where they take their eternal rest.[21] This town is where many of the important plot events occur and where many items for the game can be bought and found, such as Bombs, the Hawkeye, a Hylian Shield, and the Zora Armor.

By the time the events of Twilight Princess take place, most of the townsfolk have been already transformed into Twilit Messengers due to the Shadow Invasion.[22] The only survivors left seem to be Renado, Luda, and Barnes, and because of this, Kakariko seems to be a rather desolate place with many dilapidated buildings. When Link visits the village, he finds Beth, Colin, Talo and Malo taking refuge inside Renado's sanctuary along with Barnes and Luda. It is here that Barnes recalls how a woman was attacked by a Shadow Beast and, although a group of villagers went to save her, she was already gone by the time they arrived.[22]

Once Link returns light to the Eldin Province, it is explained that Renado, who is actually the shaman of the village, took the Ordon children in after the Shadow Beasts left them to die.[23] It is then that the young hero is tasked with retrieving the second Fused Shadow from Death Mountain in order to cleanse their sacred grounds from evil.[24] However, after trying unsuccessfully to climb the mountain, he returns to Kakariko to find a wild Epona being controlled by Bulblins but is eventually able to tame her.

Link visits Kakariko Village once again just in time to witness Colin, who pushed Beth out of harm's way, being kidnapped by King Bulblin. Later on in the game, the young hero must lead Telma's caravan from Hyrule Castle Town all the way to Kakariko in order to bring the dying Ralis to Renado, the only person capable of saving the young Zora boy.[25][26] After successfully reaching the village and placing Prince Ralis in the village's care, Queen Rutela makes an apparition to Link and beckons him to follow her to the graveyard, where she rewards him with the Zora Armor for saving her son.[27]

After obtaining the Mirror Shard in the Temple of Time, Link will receive a letter from Renado urging him to visit the village again since he has a clue on how to retrieve Ilia's Memory. Ilia eventually recovers her memory with the help of the Horse Call, an item which she gives to Link inside the sanctuary to aid him on his quest.

Kakariko Village is last seen during the ending credits when the Ordon children are saying their farewells to Luda and Renado as they get ready to depart back to Ordon Village with the help of Rusl and his caravan.

A Link Between Worlds

The entrance to Kakariko Village in A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, Kakariko Village appears almost identical to its A Link to the Past appearance. It is located in the westernmost part of Hyrule, located directly south of the Lost Woods, and north of the desert. There are numerous shops, merchants and buildings in the town, and it even has its own Weather Vane, located in the same position as the Weathercock in A Link to the Past.

While the village is almost exactly alike to its A Link to the Past predecessor, there are still some locations worth noting. The Milk Bar is located to the south, where Link can purchase Milk; it is also the basis for a bottle sidequest later on. There is a smaller shop located in the northern part of the village, where Link can purchase Shields, Scoot Fruit, and Foul Fruit. A Street Merchant can also be found in the village, slightly to the west of the Weather Vane.

Other notable items Link can receive here are empty Bottles, the Smooth Gem, after its quest is initiated and it is purchased from the village merchant, the Bee Badge, and the Bug Net. Link can also take part in the Fortune's Choice mini-game, which is found on the east side of town. Gramps is found in the western region of the village, and teaches Link about using StreetPass.

Kakariko Village's Lorulean counterpart is Thieves' Town, which is home to the Thieves' Hideout and is where Link will find the portrait of the Sage Osfala.

Kakariko Village has three Lost Maiamais hidden in it. One can be found on top of the roof with a rock on it - this requires a Cucco and the Power Bracelets to reach. Another is behind the Cucco Lady's house, in the patch of sand. It requires the Sand Rod to unearth it. The final one is in the tree in the southwest of town, and must be knocked down with the Pegasus Boots.

Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, Kakariko Village is a settlement in the West Necluda region of Hyrule, north of the Dueling Peaks. It is the home of most of the living Sheikah in Hyrule. It contains several houses, gardens, and a selection of stores, including High Spirits Produce, a general store where travelers can purchase locally grown food and supplies; Shuteye Inn; The Curious Quiver, a store that specializes in Arrows; and Enchanted, a boutique that sells Armor.

Link is told to go to Kakariko Village after completing the four Ancient Shrines located on the Great Plateau, when the Old Man reveals himself to be the former King of Hyrule and informs Link of the events that transpired 100 years ago. After his explanation, King Rhoam suggests that Link travel east to Kakariko Village where he can find the Village elder, Impa. Upon his arrival, Link is introduced to Impa's granddaughter, Paya, who after noticing the Sheikah Slate dangling from his hip, affirms that Link is indeed the hero her grandmother told her about and urges him to meet with her quickly. Impa notices that Link has lost his Memory upon their reunion and recounts to him the history of the Divine Beasts, urging him to free them from Ganon's evil influence. Additionally, she also tells Link that the director of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, Purah, might be able to unlock the full potential of his Sheikah Slate if he speaks with her. If Link has reclaimed at least one of his lost Memories, Impa will also gift him his old Champion's Tunic.

Kakariko Village features a Fairy Fountain in a forested plateau overlooking the Village. Link is directed to the Fountain by Pikango through the Main Quest "Find the Fairy Fountain". After giving the weakened Great Fairy Cotera her requested sum of Rupees, she will henceforth offer to upgrade Link's Armor in exchange for Materials in gratitude. An Ancient Shrine is also located near the Fountain, the Lakna Rokee Shrine, though it is initially buried. Later on in the game, an ancient Sheikah heirloom found within Impa's house is stolen, greatly distressing both Impa and Paya. They suspect that someone must have infiltrated their home during the night, and ask Link to investigate the situation, beginning the Shrine Quest "The Stolen Heirloom". It is later revealed that Dorian, one of Impa's gatekeepers, was once a member of the Yiga Clan, and that he tipped off a Yiga Blademaster about the ancient heirloom in order to preserve Impa's and Paya's lives. Once recovered, the heirloom is used to reveal the Lakna Rokee Shrine.

Stylistically, Kakariko Village is dramatically different from its previous incarnations in the series. Whereas in previous installments the Village adopted traditional medieval architecture, Kakariko Village in Breath of the Wild is reminiscent of several historic periods of Japan, such as the Asuka and Jōmon periods.

A Tree Branch can be found beneath a Tree near the entrance to Kakariko Village, and a Traveler's Sword can be found beneath the waterfall just north of it. Further along the path from the entrance, Link can find a Torch beside a Campfire. A small roofed structure east of Mellie and Olkin's house bears a Cooking Pot. Across the bridge just south of the Cooking Pot, Link can find a Farming Hoe beneath another roofed structure. A Woodcutter's Axe rests hidden behind Lasli and Nanna's house. A second Campfire and Cooking Pot sit in front of the Goddess Statue and just outside High Spirits Produce, respectively. Behind The Curious Quiver, Link can find a Wooden Bow. A metallic Treasure Chest containing an Eightfold Longblade can be found at the bottom of the Lantern Falls behind Impa's house.

A Korok can be found by shooting an Arrow into the metallic eye ornamentation on the first Torii at the southeastern entrance to the Village. A second Korok can be found by shooting the eye on second Torii at the southwestern entrance. A small ledge due north of this Torii bears a Rock, which can be lifted to reveal a third Korok. A fourth Korok can be found by filling the offering plates in front of Impa's house with Apples. A fifth Korok can be found by falling into a ring of Lily Pads in the pool north of Impa's house.



Main article: Enchanted

High Spirits Produce

Main article: High Spirits Produce

Lantern Falls

Main article: Lantern Falls

Mellie's Plum Garden

Main article: Mellie's Plum Garden

Olkin's Pumpkins

Main article: Olkin's Pumpkins

Shuteye Inn

Main article: Shuteye Inn

Ta'loh Naeg Shrine

Main article: Ta'loh Naeg Shrine

The Curious Quiver

Main article: The Curious Quiver

Other Appearances

Link's Crossbow Training

In Link's Crossbow Training, Kakariko Village is the setting for a level in Level 3 as a Target Shooting Mode scenario. The stage begins in front of Malo Mart, where the pace is set. Several targets will pop up briefly and then disappear. The first of the two scarecrows show up on the right side of the screen. After the 20-second interval is up, the screen pans over to the Elde Inn. However, instead of the frontal view the other scenes in this stage use, it is set at a tilted angle. Again, targets will appear and disappear rapidly. This level normally ends in front of Barnes' Bomb Shop. The bomb shop has a few explosive barrels around it, the expected targets, and a Bee hive, which should never be shot. The alternative end scene takes place in Eldin's spring. Eldin's spring offers nothing to attack Link, normal targets, and gold targets.

A Link to the Past (Ishinomori)

Kakariko Village in the A Link to the Past comic

In the A Link to the Past comic by Shotaro Ishinomori, Kakariko Village serves as a prominent location in Link's journey. It is here where the young hero befriends several townsfolk, including the Librarian, Sahasrahla's Wife, and Sahasrahla's Grandson, who end up helping him in his quest to rescue Princess Zelda.

Link first visits Kakariko Village at the advice of the Old Man in the Sanctuary, who tells him to look for Sahasrahla. However, when he arrives to Sahasrahla's house, he finds it in the care of his wife, who tells him that Sahasrahla left when he found out that Agahnim was responsible for the missing maidens and does not know where he has gone.[28] After Sahasrahla's wife tells Link about legends spoken about the Master Sword, the young hero leaves Sahasrahla's house. However, a villager, who is actually one of Agahnim's minions, alerts the soldiers to Link's presence.[29] The young hero manages to escape their grasp and stumbles upon Sahasrahla's Grandson who was asked by Sahasrahla to watch over his wife.[30] After being convinced of Link's good nature,[31] the boy tells him where Saharsahla can be found, and so Link travels to the Eastern Palace.

After acquiring the Pendant of Courage, Link returns to Kakariko to find clues about the remaining two pendants,[32] but he finds the Library has been set on fire by soldiers.[33] After rescuing the Librarian inside, Link obtains the Book of Mudora from him after the Librarian realizes that Link is the Legendary Hero of Hyrule. Before Link can head out to the desert, Sahasrahla's friend gives Link a hang glider that he can use to traverse the Desert of Mystery with ease.[34]

Link, ready to rescue Princess Zelda from Hyrule Castle now that he has obtained the Master Sword, heads to Kakariko Village one final time with his friends, but finds out that all approaches to the castle are blocked by Agahnim's soldiers.[35] The librarian then comes up with the idea of making a hot air balloon to carry him into the castle, which both Sahasrahla's wife and Sahasrahla's friend help to make.[36] As the full moon rises, Link departs from Kakariko Village riding the hot air balloon and heads to the castle to save the princess from Agahnim's clutches.


  • In one of the houses in Kakariko Village from A Link to the Past, a portrait of Mario can be found. If Link pulls on it, he will obtain Rupees.
  • In Ocarina of Time, the Village's theme song in the past differs from the theme heard in the future. The future Village's version of the theme is known as the orchestrated version.
  • Although the Village's theme song is featured in Four Swords Adventures, it is used for the Village of the Blue Maiden and not Kakariko Village itself.


The name "Kakariko" may have originated from "cocorico," a French onomatopoeia for the sound of a crowing rooster. It may also come from the Spanish verb "cacarear," which means the crowing of a chicken. This is probably due to the fact that Cuccos appear in every incarnation of Kakariko Village. The Village's name in the French version is, in fact, "Cocorico."

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese γ‚«γ‚«γƒͺコ村 (Kakariko Mura) (BotW) Kakariko Village
Netherlands Dutch Kakariko (BotW) Same as English.
French-speaking countries French Village Cocorico
Village de Cocorico (ALttP&FS)
Cocorico (TP)
Cocorico Village
Village of Cocorico
Federal Republic of Germany German Kakariko
Dorf Kakariko (ALttP&FS)

Kakariko Village
Italian Republic Italian Villaggio Calbarico
Villaggio Kakariko (ALttP&FS)
Calbarico Village
Kakariko Village
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Kakariko
Pueblo Kakariko (ALttP&FS)

Kakariko Village



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