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Pocket Egg
OoT Pocket Egg Render.png
Artwork of the Pocket Egg from Ocarina of Time
Hatching a Pocket Cucco

The Pocket Egg is an item in Ocarina of Time.

Location and Uses

OoT3D Pocket Egg Icon.png

The Pocket Egg is one of the items necessary to assist in the creation of Biggoron's Sword. It is received from the Cucco Lady who, upon seeing Link, entrusts him with it with the belief that he can make the future Cucco happy.[1] The Pocket Egg will hatch into a Pocket Cucco after the next sunrise upon receiving it.[2]


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  1. "I bred a new type of miniature Cucco! I call it the Pocket Cucco! I don't get goose bumps from this baby. Cuccos are very good at getting lazy. late risers out of bed. Haven't you heard of them before? It makes them very happy to crow CUCCKOOOO! Especially when it wakes up a very heavy sleeper! However, my Cucco is not entirely happy right now... You... You look like you're good at handling Cuccos. Here—take this egg. After the Cucco hatches, bring it back to me after a while, and I'll check out its mood. What do you think? Will you try?" — Cucco Lady (Ocarina of Time 3D)
  2. "Look! A Cucco hatched from the egg you were incubating! It's the miracle of life!" — Navi (Ocarina of Time 3D)