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Welcome to Castle Town! As a member of the Zelda Wiki.org community, this is your new home. All announcements that pertain to the community, as well as to-do's and other tidbits, are placed here. It's a great way to get active in the wiki. After all, it's your town - better keep it sparkling!

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Latest Announcements

Latest Announcements

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition just released in North America and Europe!
Want to contribute on Hyrule Warriors? We've collected a list of things to do. Take a look!
  • May 7th, 2018: Wiki Weekly - Issue 10
May is CD-i Month!
Want to contribute on the CD-i games? We've collected a list of things to do. Take a look!
  • March 5th, 2018: Wiki Weekly - Issue 9
This week marks the first anniversary of Breath of the Wild !
Want to contribute on that game? We've collected a list of things to do. Take a look!
  • February 24th, 2018: Staff applications are now closed!
Thank you to everyone who applied! We will be sending emails out shortly.
  • February 18th, 2018: Wiki Weekly - Issue 8
You want to contribute but you don't know what to do?
Why don't you take a look at the Wiki Weekly?




Ordona - The Guardian Spirit - Wiki editor Embyr 75 takes a deeper look at Ordona's role in Twilight Princess as well as her absence in the intervention in the Interloper War.

If you'd like to discuss this article, head over to its talk page.

To check out past exclusives Zelda Wiki.org has had, why not head over to the archives?

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  • Quite a few articles, i.e. most articles, do not have enough or any sources. This is quickly becoming unacceptable. We encourage members to locate and add sources to these articles. A list of articles in need of sources can be found at: Articles Lacking Sources. That list is by no means complete. There are countless other articles that need sources. For more information, see Help:References.
  • Any articles that use second-person narrative or "the player" (such as, "You fight Ganon," "The player must use the Hookshot") should be changed so that it refers to the specific characters ("Link fights Ganon," "Link must use the Hookshot"). Any articles that are not immediately fixed should be tagged with the "YouLink" template.
  • All instances of Japanese names (or other foreign names) that are found in the main part of an article should be instead placed at the bottom of the article using the Names template.

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  • Getting Started - Contains information on creating and editing pages, as well as basic Wiki coding.
  • Images - How to upload images and add them to pages.
  • Moving Pages - How to move a page to a different name
  • Redirects - How to use redirects.
  • References - How to locate, add, and display references in articles.
  • Talk Pages - How to edit talk pages properly.
  • Templates - How to create and use templates for pages.
  • Help:Userboxes|Userboxes - How to add userboxes to your user page, and how to make a userbox.
    • Help:Userbox List|Userbox List - A list of all userboxes with the coding for each listed next to them.
  • Protected Pages- General information concerning protected pages.

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