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Welcome to my userpage, where I sit around and do nothing at all! You will find pointless pictures and LOTS of bad memes (Muahahahahahaha!)! But if you are looking for something new and exciting check the links below to find some of my other userpages, which are bad aswell!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HaHaaaa!!! PS. If the text is not aligned, try Google Chrome!!
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My Zelda Timeline theory

My theory is that all games appear in order of realease (with certain exceptions, such as Phantom Hourglass). I understand this goes COMPELETLY against what Miyamoto said, but I felt like it's a disrespect to the origanal NES and SNES games, that made the series what it is today, to put Ocarina of Time first (even though it is and awseome game). The Story goes like this:

Part 1

When the world was just growing into life and people enterd the ages of medevil, a mad drivin human named Ganondorf (Ganon for short) took over the powerless Hyrule. A mysterious boy, not even knowing his own past, by the name of Link emerged to fight the dreaded Ganon saving the Princess Zelda of Hyrule and rescuing the land's sacred treasures, the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Power. After the defeat of Ganondorf, Hyrule revealed it's true beauty and blossemed into anew. However, it was cursed by the after math of Ganon's rath. Ganon's minions were angry beyond life. But they were sly and helped the prince in putting Zelda in a deep sleep. We all know the story of the prince. Link discovered from Impa, who showed him Zelda in her deep sleep, that the king many years ago had hid the final part of the land's sacred treasure in the 8 sacred temples across Hyrule. Link, in hope of helping Zelda, collected these pieces and passed the tests which laid ahead of him. When link was able to revive Zelda, life seemed to go back to nromal and Hyrule continued to blossom. But Zelda's awakening only caused more trouble in the land. An evil wizard by the name of Agahnim caused more chaos in Hyrule. Once Link defeats the evil Agahnim, Ganon emerges and retreats into a pyrimid (specifically, the Pyramid of Power). Once there Link and Ganon have a dual. Link defeats Ganondorf and makes a wish on the triforce of Power to restore Hyrule. Hyrule returns to normal and all becomes well. Despite this Link was not happy with life and set off for adventure. Upon his adventure he encountered an island where he was washed ashore due to big title waves! Upon the island, he learnt that the only way to get back was to summon the Instrument of the Sirens. To summon the Wind Fish. Link does and then the Wind Fish. The island disappears and Link wakes up on a raft drifting in the sea. There was no island anymore. Link returned to Hyrule. That's the end of Part 1.

--Smashbrother101 14:59, 9 May 2009 (UTC)

Old Timeline that I sent to Nintendo!

Guess what? I've found my old TIMELINE! I'm still going to continue my old one, but yay! It's got TOns of mistakes, though. Here it goes:

Hyrule was created by the goddesses of Hyrule kingdom. In the early days of hyrule no such town existed. Ganon was a mere Hylian who had been transformed and warped by evil into envious Warthog. (this is where I introduce a new concept concering the sages in Twilight Princess) The 7 spirit sages, created to listen to every word of the Godesses and pass them onto the mortal sages were in desperate need of hero to stop Ganon from gaining all 3 pieces of the trforce. The 7th sage of time and courage (who's mortal sage was Princess zelda, which answers a theory) released the danger and split himself into 2 mortal hylians, the white wolf (aka hero's spirit) and sprite Link (aka link 1). The White Wolf then dies in an attempt at Ganon. However, Link survives. Then comes aventure of link. which obviously must come after the origanal. It still the same Link. However this is many years after since Zelda has been put in deep sleep. Shadow Link as we all know was created by Vaati, so vaati must have been waiting in the shadows of Hyrule (figure of speech) as an innocient villager. Vaati didn't want to make the same mistake as his master Ganon... Or maybe... the wizard was Vaati who had been forced to fleed (thought to be dead) and the created the Dark Link in the Great Palace. After that came a link to the past where link must have been older now (approaching his 30's). Link's must once again fight a follower of Ganon's. However link has been much unaware as he's been living a good 10 years of his life in piece. Until zelda disturbates his long end of silence. It Might be useful to explain that the triforce keeps breaking because of he evil that surronds it. Finnaly alink to the past occurs where Link who has grown restless of the quiet life searches for advnture. He runs into the island in a dream sequence which could also be similiar to the Phantom hourglass sequence. At the end of the game Link returns to hyrule by swimming. This ends the first saga out of four. Next, many years later, Young Link (link 2) is kept safely away from harm incase Hyrules last hope, link, Is injured. A new Ganon was born under the Gerudo tribe. Ganon as a elderly man gave his trust to the king. The king was willing to believe him because of their long battles against the gerudos. However later we discover that Ganon betrayed the king. Like all Zelda games Link defeats Ganon. Going a bit against what you said, Ganon is sealed away (in the young link time) by the 6 spirit sages (the seventh one never to return) while young link travels to the parrallel world of terminia. Ganon is sent to the adult link time where no link is which then becomes the twili realm. Both the new and old ganon team up and turn Hyrule into utter twilght. this concludes Saga 2. Meanwhile the Gerudos have one new child (since 1 male gerudo child can be born once every hundred years) before the hylians destroy them all for creatying the child of chaos. Then many years later the new new Ganon floods hyrule for revenge upon the hylians, which is when Toon link is introduced (link 3). Just to skip back to Saga 2 for a moment... I didn't mention Oracle of ages/seasons/?????? for a reason. In wind waker The concept of dressing up as a hero was to see if you had heroic potential. Because my timeline does not agree completely with the 2 world concept, I presume that all 3 (including the unreleased game) were kids who dressed in the hero's tunic thinking that they might be the hero (this was before Ganon fludded Hyrule). Back to saga 3, Zelda escapes and then meets up with link however he doen't know it's her. Once the final battle against ganon ends, The king of hyrule tells them that they shall find a new hyrule which will be their new land not his. They exit out of the temple, ganon frozen as a statue and the king left to drown. After this comes Phantom Hourglass where Link 3 returns in search of this new land. However Zelda and Link encounter a deadly ship known as the Ghost ship. At the end it turns out that they were in an alternate Quick moving universe which belongs to the Ocean King (this is Possibly the flooded Terminia). As the sequence ends Link and Zelda wake and end up only 10 minutes later past when they left. Linebeck can be seen at the end sailing off in his ship. Link and Zelda find this new world which supposibly is the start of the Four swords tale... It begins with Vaati in the Minish Cap, where link finds a new cap, after he lost his old. This is where he must defeat Vaati who had regained strengh since the day he attacked Princess Zelda, but was weakened by his battle in the oracle age. Vaati gets defeated again. actually before that was Four swords. where Link fought Vaati in his weak form. After Minish Cap, Vaati finnaly ended his tries and hid back in the shadows. To switch back again, Vaati before his Oracle age appearance, Vaati Went into the Shadow realm and brought back the old Ganon to the new world leaving 1 ganon in that world. So Vaati finnaly left it to Ganon in the end of Four Swords adventures. This ends the third saga, and leaves us with one left. The final saga takes place in the twili period. Link grew up as a farm boy. This link shalled be called Twili link, or wolf link if you must. It might be good to point out that the Triforce is no longer surronded by evil. At this point in time, Midna has been transformed by Zant. Twilight has been thrust upon Hyrule. The new Ganon has invaded Hyrule. This is where the twili realm comes to it's close. Like alaways Ganon has been defeated. This is near the end of the end of the fourth saga.

You must know that this involves some beta concepts of a Zelda game I was thinking up. I'm still working on it and I plan to reveal it sometime soon!

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