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MNPTP Japanese Title Screen.png
Japanese title screen
Jupiter Corporation
Release date(s)
Japan March 17, 2016
Single Player

My Nintendo Picross – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a downloadable puzzle game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is a picross-based puzzle spin-off game, also known as a nonogram, with a theme based on Twilight Princess. The game launched as an exclusive My Nintendo award in Japan. It costs 1,000 Platinum Points.[1]


A picross is a puzzle game where a square grid must be shaded in order to create a picture. Numbers are adjacent to each horizontal and vertical row or column, which indicate how many square grids in that row must be shaded. At the beginning of every main puzzle, a roulette is spun that fills one horizontal and one vertical row, providing the player with a hint. Midna provides the player with tutorials and tips on how to complete the puzzles. The game includes several modes with different puzzles in each. The pictures in each puzzle are based on characters and items from Twilight Princess, with the exception of the tutorial puzzles, which are based on objects not specific to The Legend of Zelda. Completed puzzles can then be shared to the Miiverse.


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