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User:Midoro/OoA Items

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This article is a work in progress.
This article is a work in progress.

The editors are working to update all pertinent information as soon as possible. We apologize for any incomplete or missing information.

The following page is a list of the names of every named item appearing in Oracle of Ages in every release of the game. Oracle of Ages has been released in the following languages: Japanese, English, France French, German, Italian, Spain Spanish.

  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular item in that language.
  • Darkened cells (‚Ė†) indicate there is no given name for that particular item in that language.


Inventory Items

Item Japan Flag.png
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
British English
French Republic Flag.png
France French
Germany Flag.png
Italy Flag.png
Spain Flag.png
Spain Spanish
OoX Bomb Sprite.png
Bomb Bombe Bombe Bombe Bomba
OOA Bomb Flower.png
Bomb Flower
Bomb Flower Chou Péteur Donnerblume Fiore Bomba Flor Bomba
OoS Bombchu Sprite.png
Bombchu Missile Krabbelminen Radiomina Bombuchu
Book of Seals.png
Book of Seals
Book of Seals Livre des Scellés Siegelbuch Libro Sigilli Libro de Sellos
Boomerang OOX.png
Boomerang Boomerang Bumerang Boomerang Bumer√°n
Brother Emblem-OoA.png
Brother Emblem
Brotherhood Emblem
Brother Emblem Triforce piece.png
Emblème Frère Bruderzeichen Emblema Fraterno Emblema Fraterno
Cane of Somaria OOA.png
Cane of Somaria
Cane of Somaria Canne Somaria Somaria-Stab Fusto di Somaria Vara de Somaria
Cheval Rope.png
Cheval Rope
Cheval Rope Corde de Cheval Cheval-Tau Fune Cheval Cuerda de Cheval
Crown Key.png
Crown Key
Crown Key Cl√© Couronne Kronschl√ľssel Chiave Corona Llave Corona
OoA Fairy Powder Sprite.png
Fairy Powder
Fairy Powder Poudre de Fées Feenstaub Polvere Fatata Polvos Mágicos
Dimitri flute.png
Dimitri's Flute
Dimitri's Flute Fl√Ľte de Dimitri Dimitris Fl√∂te Flauto Dimitri Flauta de Dimitri
Moosh flute.png
Moosh's Flute
Moosh's Flute Fl√Ľte de Moosh Bennys Fl√∂te Flauto Moosh Flauta de Moosh
Ricky's Flute
Ricky's Flute Fl√Ľte de Ricky Rickys Fl√∂te Flauto Ricky Flauta de Ricky
Strange Flute.png
Strange Flute
Strange Flute Fl√Ľte Etrange Seltsame Fl√∂te Flauto Strano Flauta Extra√Īa
OoX Gasha Seed Sprite.png
Gasha Seed
Gasha Seed Graine Gasha Gasha-Kern Seme Gasha Semilla Gasha
OoS Goron Vase Sprite.png
Goron Vase
Goron Vase Vase Goron Goronen-Vase Vaso Goron Vasija Goron
Goronade Goronade Goronade Goronata Goronada
Graveyard Key OOA.png
Graveyard Key
Graveyard Key Cl√© Cimeti√®re Gruftschl√ľssel Chiave Cimitero Llave Cementerio
Harp of Ages.png
Harp of Ages
Harp of Ages Harpe des Ages Harfe der Zeit Arpa del Tempo Arpa de los Tiempos
Switch Hook Sprite.png
Switch Hook
Switch Hook Grappin Tausch-Haken Gancio Scambio Gancho
Switch Hook Sprite.png
Long Switch
Long Hook Triforce piece.png
Long Switch
Long Hook
Grand Grappin
Fern-Tauscher Gancio Lungo Gancho Largo
OoA Island Chart Sprite.png
Island Chart
Island Chart Carte des Iles Seekarte Mappa Isola Mapa de la Isla
Lava Juice-OoA.png
Lava Juice
Lava Juice Jus de Lave Lavasaft Succo di Lava Zumo de Lava
Letter of Introduction.png
Letter of Introduction
Introduction Triforce piece.png
Letter of Introduction
Lettre d'Introduction
Lettera di Presentazione
Carta de Recomendación
Library Key.png
Library Key
Library Key Cl√© Biblioth√®que B√ľcherei-Schl√ľssel Chiave Biblio Llave de la Biblioteca
Magic Potion OOX.png
Magic Potion
Magic Potion Potion magique Magieflasche Pozione Magica Poción Mágica
OoA Huge Maku Seed Sprite.png
Huge Maku Seed
Maku Seed Triforce piece.png
Huge Maku Seed
Maku Seed
Grosse Graine Bojo
Graine Bojo
Riesenkern des Maku-Baums
Seme Maku Gigante
Seme Maku
Gran Semilla Maku
Semilla Maku
Mermaid Key.png
Mermaid Key
Mermaid Key Cl√© Sir√®ne Nixenschl√ľssel Chiave Sirena Llave de Sirena
Old Mermaid Key.png
Old Mermaid Key
Old Mermaid Key Vieille Cl√© Sir√®ne Alte Nixenschl√ľssel Prechiave Sirena Antigua Llave de la Sirena
Mermaid Suit.png
Mermaid Suit
Mermaid Suit Costume Sirène Nixenanzug Pelle di Sirena Traje de Sirena
Power Bracelet OOX.png
Power Bracelet
Power Bracelet Bracelet de Force Kraftarmband Superbracciale Brazalete de Fuerza
Power Glove.png
Power Glove
Power Glove Bracelet de Force Krafthandschuh Guanti Muscolo Guante de Fuerza
Ricky's Gloves Sprite.png
Ricky's Gloves
Ricky's Gloves Gants de Ricky Rickys Handschuhe Guanti di Ricky Guantes de Ricky
Ring Box L1.pngOoX Ring Box L-2 Sprite.pngRing Box L3.png
Ring Box
Ring Box Bo√ģte Anneaux Ring-Etui Portanelli Caja de Anillos
OoX Roc's Feather Sprite.png
Roc's Feather
Roc's Feather Plume de Roc Greifenfeder Pluma di Roc Pluma de Roc
Rock Brisket-OoA.png
Rock Brisket
Rock Brisket Filet de Roc Felsfilet Petto di Roccia Bistec de Roca
Scent Seedling Sprite.png
Scent Seedling
Scent Seedling Semis Parfum Duft-Setzling Piantina Odorosa Brote de Escencia
OoX Seed Satchel Sprite.png
Seed Satchel
Seed Satchel Poche Graines Saatbeutel Sacco dei Semi Saco de Semillas
Seed Shooter Sprite.png
Seed Shooter
Seed Shooter Lance-Graines Blasrohr Sparasemi Lanzasemillas
OoS Ember Seed Sprite.png
Ember Seed
Ember Seed Graine Braise Glut-Kern Seme Ardenti Semillas de Fuego
OoS Gale Seed Sprite.png
Gale Seed
Gale Seed Graine Vent Sturm-Kern Seme Burrasca Semillas Tifón
OoS Mystery Seed Sprite.png
Mystery Seed
Mystery Seed Graine Mystères Arkanum-Kern Seme Misteriosi Semillas Misteriosas
OoS Pegasus Seed Sprite.png
Pegasus Seed
Pegasus Seed Graine Pégase Pegasus-Kern Seme Pegaso Semillas de Pegaso
OoS Scent Seed Sprite.png
Scent Seed
Scent Seed Graine Parfum Duft-Kerne Seme Profumati Semillas Escencia
Shovel OOX.png
Shovel Pelle Schaufel Pala Pala
Ancient Tomb Slate.png
Slate Ardoise Schiefertafel Tavola Pizarra
Tokay Eyeball-OoA.png
Tokay Eyeball
Tokay Eyeball Oeil de Tokay Tokay-Glasauge Bulbo Tokay Ojo de Tokay
Tuni Nut (Fixed).png
Tuni Nut
Tuni Nut Noix de Tuni Tuni-Gewinde Noce Tuni Nuez de Tuni
Tuni Nut (Broken).png
Cracked Tuni Nut
Cracked Tuni Nut Noix de Tuni Cassée Def. Tuni-Gewinde Noce Tuni Rotta Nuez de Tuni
OoX Wooden Shield Sprite.png
Wooden Shield
Wooden Shield Ecu de Bois Holzschild Scudi di Legno Escudo de Madera
OoX Iron Shield Sprite.png
Iron Shield
Iron Shield Ecu de Fer Eisenschild Scudo di Ferro Escudo de Hierro
OoX Mirror Shield Sprite.png
Mirror Shield
Mirror Shield Ecu Miroir Spiegelschild Scudo Specchio Escudo Espejo
OoS Wooden Sword Sprite.png
Wooden Sword
Wooden Sword Epée de Bois Holzschwert Spada di Legno Espada de Madera
OoS Noble Sword Sprite.png
Noble Sword
Noble Sword Epée de Noblesse Edelschwert Spada Nobile Espada Noble
OoS Master Sword Sprite.png
Master Sword
Master Sword Ep√©e de Ma√ģtre Master-Schwert Spada Suprema Espada Maestra
OoS Biggoron Sword Sprite.png
Biggoron Sword
Biggoron's Sword Epée Biggoron Biggoron-Schwert Spada Biggoron Espada Biggoron
OoA Zora Scale Sprite.png
Zora Scale
Zora Scale Ecaille des Zora Zora-Schuppe Squama di Zora Escama de Zora
OoS Zora's Flippers Sprite.png
Zora's Flippers
Zora's Flippers Palmes de Zora Zoras Flossen Pinne di Zora Aletas de Zora

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Tune Japan Flag.png
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
British English
French Republic Flag.png
France French
Germany Flag.png
Italy Flag.png
Spain Flag.png
Spain Spanish
Tune of Echoes
Tune of Echoes Chant des Echos Melodie des Echos Note dell'Eco Melodía del Eco
Tune of Currents
Tune of Currents Chant des Flux Lied des Zeitstroms Note delle Correnti Melodía de las Corrientes
Tune of Time
Tune of Ages Triforce piece.png
Tune of Time
Tune of Ages
Chant du Temps
Chant des Ages
Melodie der Zeit Note del Tempo Melodía del Tiempo
Tiempos Melodía

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Essences of Time

Essence Japan Flag.png
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
British English
French Republic Flag.png
France French
Germany Flag.png
Italy Flag.png
Spain Flag.png
Spain Spanish
Oracle Of Ages - Eight Essences.png
Essences of Time
Essences of Time Essences du Temps Essenzen der Zeit Essenze del Tempo Esencias del Tiempo
Eternal Spirit Eternal Spirit Esprit Eternel Geist der Ewigkeit Spirito Eterno Espíritu Eterno
OoA Ancient Wood Sprite.png
Ancient Wood
Ancient Wood Bois Ancien Bolz der Antike Bosco Antico Bosque Antiguo
Echoing Howl Echoing Howl Hurlement Echo Stimme des Echos Urlo Echeggiante Aullido del Eco
Burning Flame Burning Flame Flamme Br√Ľlante Lodernde Flamme Fiamma Ardente Llama Ardiente
Sacred Soil Sacred Soil Terre Sacrée Heilige Erde Suolo Sacro Tierra Sagrada
Bereft Peak
Lonely Peak Triforce piece.png
Bereft Peak
Lonely Peak
Pic Démuni
Pic Solitaire
Einsamen Gipfel
Einsamer Gipfel
Cima Solitaria Memoria de la Monta√Īa
Memoria Monta√Īa
Rolling Sea Rolling Sea Marée Tosende See Mare Rotolante Mar Agitado
Falling Star Falling Star Etoile Tombante Sternschnuppe Stella Cadente Estrella Fugaz

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Trading Sequence Items

Item Japan Flag.png
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
British English
French Republic Flag.png
France French
Germany Flag.png
Italy Flag.png
Spain Flag.png
Spain Spanish
Poe Clock Poe Clock Montre Poe Irrlicht-Uhr Orologio Poe Reloj de Poe
OoA Stationery Sprite.png
Stationery Papier lettres Briefset Cartabella Sobres
OoA Stink Bag Sprite.png
Stink Bag
Stink Bag Sac qui Pue Duftbeutel Borsa Olezzo Bolsa Apestosa
OoA Tasty Meat Sprite.png
Tasty Meat
Tasty Meat Bonne Viande Knusperbraten Carne Saporita Carne Sabrosa
OoA Doggie Mask Sprite.png
Doggie Mask
Doggie Mask Masque Chien Hundemaske Maschera Cane M√°scara de Perro
OoA Dumbbell Sprite.png
Dumbbell Haltère Hantel Manubrio Pesa
OoA Cheesy Mustache Sprite.png
Cheesy Mustache
Cheesy Mustache Moustache en Fromage Klebebart Baffi Formaggi Bigote Feo
OoA Funny Joke Sprite.png
Funny Joke
Funny Joke Blague trop Dr√īle Witz Barzelletto Chiste Gracioso
OoA Touching Book Sprite.png
Touching Book
Touching Book Livre Emouvant Schundroman Libro Commovente Libro Conmovedor
OoA Magic Oar Sprite.png
Magic Oar
Magic Oar Rame Magique Zauberruder Remo Magico Remo M√°gico
OoA Sea Ukulele Sprite.png
Sea Ukulele
Sea Ukulele Ukulélé de Mer Meer-Ukulele Ukulele Mare Ukelele Marino
OoA Broken Sword Sprite.png
Broken Sword
Broken Sword Epée Brisée Kaputtes Schwert Spada Rotta Espada Rota

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Magic Rings

Magic Ring Japan Flag.png
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
British English
French Republic Flag.png
France French
Germany Flag.png
Italy Flag.png
Spain Flag.png
Spain Spanish
Unappraised Ring.png
Magic Ring
Magic Ring Anneau Magique Magischer Ring Anello Magico Anillo M√°gico
OOX Friendship Ring.png
Friendship Ring
Friendship Ring Ann. Amitié Freundesring Anello Amiciza Amistad
OOX Power Ring L-1.png
Power Ring L-1
Power Ring L-1 Ann. Force N-1 Kraftring L-1 An. Potere L-1 Fuerza N-1
OOX Power Ring L-2.png
Power Ring L-2
Power Ring L-2 Ann. Force N-2 Kraftring L-2 An. Potere L-2 Fuerza N-2
OOX Power Ring L-3.png
Power Ring L-3
Power Ring L-3 Ann. Force N-3 Kraftring L-3 An. Potere L-3 Fuerza N-3
OOX Armor ring L-1.png
Armor Ring L-1
Armor Ring L-1 Ann. Armure N-1 R√ľstring L-1 A. Armatura L-1 Armadura N-1
OOX Armor ring L-2.png
Armor Ring L-2
Armor Ring L-2 Ann. Armure N-2 R√ľstring L-2 A. Armatura L-2 Armadura N-2
OOX Armor ring L-3.png
Armor Ring L-3
Armor Ring L-3 Ann. Armure N-3 R√ľstring L-3 A. Armatura L-3 Armadura N-3
OoS Red Ring Sprite.png
Red Ring
Red Ring Ann. Rouge Roter Ring Anello Rosso Rojo
OoS Blue Ring Sprite.png
Blue Ring
Blue Ring Ann. Bleu Blauer Ring Anello Blu Azul
OOX Green Ring.png
Green Ring
Green Ring Ann. Vert Gr√ľner Ring Anello Verde Verde
OOX Cursed Ring.png
Cursed Ring
Cursed Ring Ann. Maudit Dämonenring Anel. Maledetto Maldito
OOX Expert's Ring.png
Expert's Ring
Expert's Ring Ann. Expert Meister-Ring Anello Mastro Experto
OOX Blast Ring.png
Blast Ring
Blast Ring Ann. Blast Dyna-Ring Anello Boom Explosión
OOX Rang Ring L-1.png
Rang Ring L-1
Rang Ring-L1 Ann. Coupe N-1 Buma-Ring L-1 Anello Rang L-1 Bumer√°n N-1
OOX GBA Time Ring.png
GBA Time Ring
GBA Time Ring Ann. Temps GBA GBA-Zeitring Anel. Tempo GBA Tiempo GBA
OOX Maple's Ring.png
Maple's Ring
Maple's Ring Ann. de Maple Martha-Ring Anello Maple Maple
OOX Steadfast Ring.png
Steadfast Ring
Steadfast Ring Ann. Résistance Widerstandsring Anello Saldo Firmeza
OOX Pegasus Ring.png
Pegasus Ring
Pegasus Ring Ann. Pégase Pegasus-Ring Anello Pegaso Pegaso
OOX Toss Ring.png
Toss Ring
Toss Ring Ann. Lancer Katapult-Ring Anello Lancio Lanzador
OOX Heart Ring L-1.png
Heart Ring L-1
Heart Ring L-1 Ann. Coeur N-1 Herzring L-1 Anel. Cuore L-1 Corazón N-1
OOX Heart Ring L-2.png
Heart Ring L-2
Heart Ring L-2 Ann. Coeur N-2 Herzring L-2 Anel Cuore L-2 Corazón N-2
OOX Swimmer's Ring.png
Swimmer's Ring
Swimmer's Ring Ann. Nage Aqua-Ring An. Nuotatore Nadador
OOX Charge Ring.png
Charge Ring
Charge Ring Ann. Charge Sturmring Anello Carica Carga
OOX Light Ring L-1.png
Light Ring L-1
Light Ring L-1 Ann. Lumière N-1 Blitzring L-1 Anello Luce L-1 Luz N-1
OOX Light Ring L-2.png
Light Ring L-2
Light Ring L-2 Ann. Lumière N-2 Blitzring L-2 Anello Luce L-2 Luz N-2
OOX Bomber's Ring.png
Bomber's Ring
Bomber's Ring Ann. Bombe Bombom-Ring Anello Bomba Explosivo
OOX Green Luck Ring.png
Green Luck Ring
Green Luck Ring Ann. Chance Vert Divis-Ring Gr√ľn Fortuna Verde Verde de Suerte
OOX Blue Luck Ring.png
Blue Luck Ring
Blue Luck Ring Ann. Chance Bleu Divis-Ring Blau Fortuna Blu Azul de Suerta
OOX Gold Luck Ring.png
Gold Luck Ring
Gold Luck Ring Ann. Chance Or Divis-Ring Gold Fortuna Oro Oro de Suerte
OOX Red Luck Ring.png
Red Luck Ring
Red Luck Ring A. Chance Rouge Divis-Ring Rot Fortuna Rosso Rojo de Suerte
OOX Green Holy Ring.png
Green Holy Ring
Green Holy Ring Ann. Sacr√© Vert Immun-Ring Gr√ľn Schermo Verde Schermo Sagrado
OOX Blue Holy Ring.png
Blue Holy Ring
Blue Holy Ring Ann. Sacré Bleu Immun-Ring Blau Schermo Blu Azul Sagrado
OOX Red Holy Ring.png
Red Holy Ring
Red Holy Ring Ann. Sacré Rouge Immun-Ring Rot Schermo Rosso Rojo Sagrado
OOX Snowshoe Ring.png
Snowshoe Ring
Snowshoe Ring Ann. Après-Ski Eisschuh-Ring Anello Scarponi Hielo
OOX Roc's Ring.png
Roc's Ring
Roc's Ring Ann. de Roc Greifenring Anello di Roc Roc
OOX Quicksand Ring.png
Quicksand Ring
Quicksand Ring A. Sabl.Mouv. Treibsand-Ring Sabbie mobili Arenas
OOX Red Joy Ring.png
Red Joy Ring
Red Joy Ring Ann. Joie Rouge Faktor-Ring Rot A. Gioia Rosso Rojo Alegría
OOX Blue Joy Ring.png
Blue Joy Ring
Blue Joy Ring Ann. Joie Bleu Faktor-Ring Bl. A. Gioia Blu Azul Alegría
OOX Gold Joy Ring.png
Gold Joy Ring
Gold Joy Ring Ann. Joie Or Faktor-Ring Gd. A. Gioia Oro Dorado Alegría
OOX Green Joy Ring.png
Green Joy Ring
Green Joy Ring Ann. Joie Vert Faktor-Ring Gr. A. Gioia Verde Verde Alegría
OOX Discovery Ring.png
Discovery Ring
Discovery Ring Ann. Découvert Gärtner-Ring Anello Scoperta Descubrimiento
OOX Rang Ring L-2.png
Rang Ring L-2
Rang Ring L-2 Ann. Coupe N-2 Buma-Ring L-2 Anel. Rang L-2 Bumer√°n N-2
OOX Octo Ring.png
Octo Ring
Octo Ring Ann. Octo Okto-Ring Anello Octo Octorok
OOX Moblin Ring.png
Moblin Ring
Moblin Ring Ann. Moblin Moblin-Ring Anello Moblin Moblin
OOX Like Like Ring.png
Like Like Ring
Like Like Ring Ann. Like Like Raubschlm.-Ring Anel. Like Like Like Like
OOX Subrosian Ring.png
Subrosian Ring
Subrosian Ring Ann. Subrosien Subrosia-Ring A. Subrosiano Subrosia
OOX First Gen Ring.png
First Gen Ring
First Gen Ring Ann. ler gen 8-Bit-Ring Anello Origini Primigenio
OOX Spin Ring.png
Spin Ring
Spin Ring Ann. Cyclone Wirbelring A. Vortice Circulo
OOX Bombproof Ring.png
Bombproof Ring
Bombproof Ring A. Res. Bombes Panzerring A. Antibomba Resistencia
OOX Energy Ring.png
Energy Ring
Energy Ring Ann. Energie Energie-Ring Anello Energia Energía
OOX Dbl. Edged Ring.png
Dbl. Edged Ring
Dbl. Edged Ring Ann. Damoclès Duoklingen-Ring Doppio Taglio Doble Filo
OOX GBA Nature Ring.png
GBA Nature Ring
GBA Nature Ring Ann. Nature GBA GBA-Natur-Ring A. Natura GBA Naturaleza GBA
OOX Slayer's Ring.png
Slayer's Ring
Slayer's Ring Ann. Tueur Courage-Ring A. Annientatore Aesesino
OOX Rupee Ring.png
Rupee Ring
Rupee Ring Ann. Rubis Rubinring Anello Rupie Rupias
OoS Victory Ring Sprite.png
Victory Ring
Victory Ring Ann. Victoire Siegesring Anello Vittoria Victoria
OOX Sign Ring.png
Sign Ring
Sign Ring Ann. Pancarte Schilder-Ring Anello Cartello Letreros
OOX 100th Ring.png
100th Ring
100th Ring Ann. 100ème 100er-Ring Anello 100 Anillo 100
OOX Whisp Ring.png
Whisp Ring
Whisp Ring Ann. Whisp Feenring Anello Whisp Whisp
OOX Gasha Ring.png
Gasha Ring
Gasha Ring Ann. Gasha Gasha-Ring Anello Gasha Gasha
OoS Peace Ring Sprite.png
Peace Ring
Peace Ring Ann. Paix Friedens-Ring Anello Pace De la Paz
OOX Zora Ring.png
Zora Ring
Zora Ring Ann. Zora Zora-Ring Anello Zora Zora
OOX Fist Ring.png
Fist Ring
Fist Ring Ann. Poing Schlag-Ring Anello Pugno Pu√Īo
OOX Whimsical Ring.png
Whimsical Ring
Whimsical Ring Ann. Fantasque Irr-Ring Anello Bizzarro Caprichoso
OOX Protection Ring.png
Protection Ring
Protection Ring Ann. Protection Mono-Ring An. Protezione Protector

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Other Items

Item Japan Flag.png
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
British English
French Republic Flag.png
France French
Germany Flag.png
Italy Flag.png
Spain Flag.png
Spain Spanish
No Image.png
Boss Key
Boss Key Cl√© du Boss Gro√üen Schl√ľssel Chiave Boss Llave del Jefe
No Image.png
Compass Boussole Kompass Bussola Br√ļjula
No Image.png
Dungeon Map
Dungeon Map Carte du Donjon Karte Mappa dei Dungeon Mapa de la Mazmorra
Gasha Tree.png
Gasha Nut
Gasha Nut Noix Gasha Gasha-Nuss Noce Gasha Nuez Gasha
Heart Heart Coeur Herz Cuore Corazón
LADX Heart Container Sprite.png
Heart Container
Heart Container Coeur Herzcontainer Portacuori Contenedor de Corazón
OoX Piece of Heart Sprite.png
Piece of Heart
Piece of Heart Quart de Coeur Herzteil Pezzo di Cuore Pieza de Corazón
OoX Red Rupee Sprite.gif
Rupee Rubis Rubine Rupia Rupia
No Image.png
Small Key
Small Key Petite Cl√© Kleiner Schl√ľssel Chiave Piccola Llave Peque√Īa

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