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Quote1.png How'd you like to marry Malon? Quote2.png
— Talon after Link winning his Cucco game

I like to make people laugh. I guarantee you that you will feel the urge to laugh many times on this page.

My Pages and Places

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Misc Tips Memorable Non-Zelda Quotes

Quote1.png What a handy little spider-crusher!
Go on! Just whack away!
— Midna (Twilight Princess)

Basic Information

User:Matt/Basic Information


Favorite Quote of the 2D Games

Quote1.png You got Marin! Is this your big chance? Quote2.png
— Link's Awakening

Need I say more?


See: User:Matt/Bio

Quote1.png Twinkle, twinkle, little Cucco...
I am gold and not for you-oo...
— Golden Cucco (Twilight Princess)

How I came to Zelda

See: User:Matt/How I came to Zelda

Quote1.png Ha ha ha! Do it! Do it! Do it moooore! ... ... Hunh? No, it's nothing... I didn't mean it. Quote2.png
— Marin

Classic. One of the more obscure quotes. Happens after Link repeatedly beats a Cucco. Marin must be following Link!

Gaming History

User:Matt/Gaming History

Quote1.png Uh! Rare color of wolf! Looks tasty... But tonight fish night. Maybe another time. Quote2.png
— Yeto (Twilight Princess)

Later, after the level.

Quote1.png Uh! You that tasty-looking wolf. Me remember! [Looks to Yeta] ...Breakfast, uh? Quote2.png
— Yeto (Twilight Princess)
Quote1.png Meat in morning? No... Quote2.png
— Yeta (Twilight Princess)
Quote1.png [Sighs depressively] Uh... that too bad... Quote2.png
— Yeto (Twilight Princess)

Talk Again

Quote1.png But... Looks so tasty, uh... Quote2.png
— Yeto (Twilight Princess)


We all know everyone liked this.

I guess I have made some friends here. I'll list the users that are on friendly terms with me - in alphabetic order. If you think that you should be in this list then just say so on my talk page.

Quote1.png Forget the Scent of Ilia and learn a new scent? Quote2.png
— N/A (Twilight Princess)
Quote1.png No, no, no, no ,no, nooooo!!! Quote2.png
— What we all know that Link was really thinking.

My Timeline

See: User:Matt/My Timeline

Quote1.png If you vandalize any page on Zelda Wiki, I will send the Hero of Time to destroy you. Quote2.png
— Matt

I will assume the title of Hero of Time, temporarily, in the event of vandalism.

My Contributions

See: User:Matt/My Contributions

Quote1.png How about a big Goron hug? Quote2.png
— Goron (Ocarina of Time)


Favorite Dialog

Twinrova death sequence

Table of Completions and Attempts


Here is a quote that would cause Link to feel rather afraid.

Quote1.png Unless you cheat or use some dirty tricks, you have no chance.
And if you do will pay dearly.
— One of the Gorons before beating Gor Coron in Twilight Princess
Quote1.png You... Did you really win? Without cheating? If I find out that
you cheated, human, you will pay.
— Same Goron, after Link "cheats" with the Iron Boots

Memorable Non-Zelda Quotes

These are some of the funniest/dumbest things I've heard people say. No these aren't typos. This is actually what they said.

Warning: Some quotes contain language that may be offensive to some people. The worst one, known by some as the "f-word", is censored with asterisks.

Warning: This concludes the potentially offensive language. It is clean from here on out!

Other Funny Things

The Talking Squirrel

The talking squirrel commands me to do things. So if I do something odd, it was because the squirrel told me to do it.

Listen to the talking squirrel!

Here are some other things that I found to be funny.

Warning Errors

Quote1.png Keep out of children. Quote2.png
— kitchen knife warning label
Quote1.png Entrance only. Do not enter. Quote2.png
— Sign on a door
Quote1.png Warning: Do not attempt to swallow Quote2.png
— Mattress
Quote1.png Do not attempt to stick head inside deck, which may result in injury. Quote2.png
— Japanese GameCube Instruction Manual
Quote1.png Be kind - rewind. Quote2.png
— Blockbuster Rental DVD
Quote1.png Keyboard not detected. Press any key to continue. Quote2.png
— My old computer said this once.
Quote1.png Do not turn upside down Quote2.png
— Warning on the underside of a TV dinner tray.
Quote1.png This product has not been tested on animals. Quote2.png
— Can of insect repellent

Stating the Obvious

Quote1.png Caution: Never aim spray at your own eyes. Quote2.png
— Pepper Spray
Quote1.png Warning: May contain traces of nuts Quote2.png
— Hershey's Almond Bar
Quote1.png Road wet when raining Quote2.png
— Sign on a highway
Quote1.png Caution: Non-Flammable Quote2.png
— Fire Extinguisher
Quote1.png Suitable for outdoor use. Quote2.png
— Rain Gauge
Quote1.png Do not attempt to stop chain with hands. Quote2.png
— Chainsaw
Quote1.png Warning: Do not attempt to remove blade while lawnmower is running Quote2.png
— Lawnmower

Because it is Cool

Game Abbreviations

Here are the game abbreviations I use. Most are the same as the ones on the Zelda Timeline page. Official North America or Europe games only.

It appears that my, rather simple, abbreviation for Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland has since become the de facto standard for Zelda It don't have a clue where that other one came from. Tingle Role Playing Game, that doesn't make any sense. It isn't a role playing game really.

As Madame Fanadi might say:

Quote1.png Fi uoy nac daer siht, neht uoy era rehtie yrev trams ro ta tsael ton bmud. Quote2.png
— Me

If you wish to translate this, then I'll give you a hint: Tsiwt a dedda evad i.

Firefox Hints

Firefox Hints

Here's a good quote:

Quote1.png Oh! What's going on?! Has there been a monkey fight? Quote2.png
— Midna early on in the Forest Temple

Fishing Records

See: User:Matt/Fishing Records

Quote1.png Hey... You stay away, Mr. Bug! Shoo! Go get squished! Quote2.png
— Iza (Twilight Princess)

Squishy, squishy Mr.Bug!

Photo of the Day

Tomorrow's Photo:

Quote1.png [Adds featured voting templates to category]
— Ando

Second Favorite Dialog

This is the dialog at the end of the Ghost Ship level in Phantom Hourglass.

Quote1.png Say, you seem to like people... But I bet even a good pup like you gets the evil eye from people just 'cause you're a wolf. But me, I'm not worried about you, little guy. My older sister is much scarier than you. Quote2.png
— Coro (Twilight Princess)
Quote1.png Say guy,you going somewhere now? You just remember that the world's a mess, guy! Seriously! You watch your back out there! Hey, and you want some advice? Two words: be plenty careful around that Zora's River. Quote2.png
— Coro (Twilight Princess)

Ahh, fear of a older sister. I can relate. He seems to be very good at counting!

Recommended Links

Here are some places that I recommend going to on Zelda
Help and Guides

Featured Content

This one is funny:

Quote1.png Why do I have to stand guard at a dead end at the bottom of a cliff like this...
...Wait a second! Have they tucked me out of the way because they think I am useless?
— A Goron in Twilight Princess

The Triforce

The Triforce - A site launched on January 24, 2009 by Matt, an administrator of Zelda Immediately joined by Steve, also an administrator of Zelda The site was created upon having disagreements in policy with various other sites that make up Zelda It is the immediate successor of a dedicated forum that was to be the official forum of Zelda As the other staff were adamantly opposed to the very idea of the wiki forum, that site was quickly abandoned. In its ashes arose The Triforce, on a different URL. The Triforce is a very young site. The purpose and aim of the site is to provide a friendly and vibrant atmosphere to various fans of the Zelda series that wish to discuss various topics regarding the The Legend of Zelda.

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