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"Dodongo dislikes smoke", but "It's a secret to everybody"

I've beaten every Zelda game I have ever played, except AoL, which I am working on beating

First Zelda Game played: The Legend of Zelda

First Zelda Game owned: Links Awakening

First Zelda Game beaten: Links Awakening (I've beaten this one like a thousand times... And it never gets old)

Favorite Zelda Game: Ocarina of Time (This game has been praised as possibly the greatest video game ever made. I agree.)

Least Favorite Zelda Game: Twilight Princess (After a series that brought Link's Awakening, Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, Majora's Mask, and The Wind Waker, this game was like a joke. It seemed like the game was trying to earn its place by title and graphics alone. Compared to other Zelda games, this one felt less in depth and very linear. For such a linear game to appear in a series that effectively created non-linear gameplay, it made the entire game seem rushed.)

Zelda games I have not played: Four Swords, and Four Swords Adventures

Overall, for the Zeldawiki, I'm trying to improve Link's Awakening information, since it is the game I'm most farmiliar with.

My timeline:

(After Child end of OoT)Majora's Mask --> Twilight Princess --> Four Swords --> Four Swords Adventures --> A Link to the Past --> Oracle games --> Links Awakening --> Legend of Zelda --> Zelda II
Minish Cap --> Ocarina of Time
(After Adult end of OoT)Wind Waker --> Phantom Hourglass

Feel absolutely free to discuss this with me on my talk page as well as put forward your own version, so long as you are willing to discuss the intracies of each... Also, please use the following precepts:

1. There is a split Timeline

2. Quotes about the location of games from creators will not be included as they have contradicted themselves time and again.