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User:Magicmason1000/Sandbox/Ordon Target Practice

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Magicmason1000/Sandbox/Ordon Target Practice
LCT Ordon Target Practice Sprite.png
Location(s) Ordon Village
Game(s) Link's Crossbow Training

Ordon Target Practice,[1] also known as Level 1-1,[2] is a Stage in Link's Crossbow Training. It is the first Stage in Level 1.

Features and Overview

Ordon Target Practice is a Target Shooting type Stage, where Link must shoot the Targets as they appear.[3] Along with the rest of Level 1, Ordon Target Practice is automatically unlocked for Link upon starting the game for the first time. The Stage takes place in Ordon Village, touring the village and moving to different locations periodically. The Targets in this Stage are large and take longer to disappear than the other Target Shooting Stages.

At the start of Ordon Target Practice, the camera is positioned above the entrance to Ordon Ranch looking towards Sera's Sundries. From this angle, Link is able to shoot the door to Rusl, Uli, and Colin's house, as well as its respective house sign. The camera then moves down to the left on the edge of a small cliff above Rusl, Uli, and Colin's house, looking towards the front of Mayor Bo's house. A destructible Sign stands on the left side of the cliff. Farther back from the Sign, a Scarecrow is perched on the edge of the cliff. Clumps of Grass grow on the middle edge of the cliff, which can't be shot for points but shakes when shot. Shooting the Grass with a Exploding Arrow will cut the Grass. On the right side of the cliff down a small slope, two Deku Nuts lay next to a FIGURE OUT THE NAME OF THIS SOME SORT OF DEKU BABA STEM. A horn sounds, and Targets will then begin to appear around the cliff and Mayor Bo's house. The first Target rises in the middle of the cliff edge. After this Target is either shot or disappears, two more Targets appear side by side where the first Target was located. After those Targets, three Targets appear side by side in the same location as the previous group of Targets. Finally, five Targets appear spread out in separate locations. Two appear in the same location as the previous group, while one appears directly in front of the Sign on the left and the other appears near the seed pods on the right side. The fifth Target appears back above the entrance to the Ordon Ranch. If Link has successfully destroyed every Target thus far, a large gold Target will appear on the roof of Mayor Bo's house. If Link missed a Target at some point, the gold Target will not appear. After the gold Target, a whistle will sound signaling the camera to move to the next area.

The camera moves off the cliff and sets down in front of the ramp leading to Mayor Bo's house, facing the door. On the left side of the ramp sits two Jars that can be broken for points. In front of these Jars is an indestructible Sign which can be shot for points. To the right of the ramp, two more Jars sit in a row, and to the right of these Jars are two Deku Nuts. On the house's wooden porch just left of the door, four Jars sit in a square. Seven Jars sit on the left side of the porch. Four red Jars sit in a square in the front, while three blue Jars sit in the back. FIGURE OUT THE RANDOM CHANCE ORANGE RUPEE THING The pair of doors on Mayor Bo's house can also be shot... FIGURE OUT DOOR POINT SCHEME To the right of Mayor Bo's house, a destructible sign stands on a cliff. A new Scarecrow will appear behind the sign on a higher cliff, but only if Link had shot the Scarecrow from the earlier area 8 or more times and then shot its head.



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  1. If Link shoots a door, the door will open and close three times, each giving Link one point with a total of three points.
  2. If Link shoots the gold Target, he will be awarded 50 points. If he hits a bullseye on the gold Target, he will be awarded 150 points.
  3. Link will be awarded points for shooting the Orange Rupee depending on how long he took to hit it, with 1,000 points as the highest amount and 200 at the lowest. The Orange Rupee will disappear after 10 seconds.
  4. If Link shoots the Scarecrows' body, he will be awarded one point. If he shoots the Scarecrows' body again, he will be awarded two points. This pattern continues until Link shoots the Scarecrow for the eighth time, where continuous hits afterward only awards Link with eight points each. If Link ever shoots the Pumpkin head of the Scarecrow, he will be awarded points based on how many hits were taken by the Scarecrows' body, with 1,000 points being awarded if Link shot the Scarecrow eight times or more beforehand. If Link shoots the Scarecrow with a Exploding Arrow, the Scarecrows' head will be destroyed granting him points based on how many hits the body of the Scarecrow has already taken, plus an additional two points. In the first area, once the head of the Scarecrow is shot and destroyed, the Scarecrow will shrink into the ground, disappearing. Before the Scarecrow disappears, Link can shoot the body of the Scarecrow for a few shots, with each shot giving Link one point. In the second area, the Scarecrow's body can be shot infinitely, as the Scarecrow never disappears, giving Link one point every hit.
  5. If Link shoots a Target, he will be awarded 10 points and if he hits a bullseye, he will be awarded 30 points.


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  2. "Level 1-1" — Stage Select (Link's Crossbow Training)
  3. "Hit the bull's-eyes as they pop up. Consecutive hits boosts your score!" — Stage Select (Link's Crossbow Training)
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