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OoT A Ocarina Icon.png OoT C Down Ocarina Icon.png OoT C Right Ocarina Icon.png OoT C Left Ocarina Icon.png OoT C Up Ocarina Icon.png MM3D L Button Icon.png MM3D R Button Icon.png MM3D Y Button Icon.png MM3D X Button Icon.png MM3D A Button Icon.png ST Green Note Icon.png ST White Note Icon.png ST Blue Note Icon.png ST Orange Note Icon.png ST Yellow Note Icon.png ST Purple Note Icon.png


This template is used to display the Ocarina or Spirit Flute notes. They are positioned vertically in relation to each other as if on a score. Can display up to 10 notes.


    {{KokoroSenshi/Sandbox1|Note |System (Optional) |Size (Optional) }}

  • Note — The note to display. See below for a list
  • System — Whether to use notes from the N64 or 3DS (Default: N64)
  • Size — The size of the image (Default: 12px)


{{User:KokoroSenshi/Sandbox1|N64 <}}
OoT C Left Ocarina Icon.png
{{User:KokoroSenshi/Sandbox1|DS B}}
ST Blue Note Icon.png
{{User:KokoroSenshi/Sandbox1|3DS A}}
MM3D A Button Icon.png
N64 DS 3DS
Note Result Image Note Result Image Note Result Image
A OoT A Ocarina Icon.png File:OoT A Ocarina Icon.png P ST Purple Note Icon.png File:ST Purple Note Icon.png L MM3D L Button Icon.png File:MM3D L Button Icon.png
< / L OoT C Left Ocarina Icon.png File:OoT C Left Ocarina Icon.png Y ST Yellow Note Icon.png File:ST Yellow Note Icon.png X MM3D X Button Icon.png File:MM3D X Button Icon.png
> / R OoT C Right Ocarina Icon.png File:OoT C Right Ocarina Icon.png O ST Orange Note Icon.png File:ST Orange Note Icon.png Y MM3D Y Button Icon.png File:MM3D Y Button Icon.png
^ / U OoT C Up Ocarina Icon.png File:OoT C Up Ocarina Icon.png B ST Blue Note Icon.png File:ST Blue Note Icon.png A MM3D A Button Icon.png File:MM3D A Button Icon.png
v / D OoT C Down Ocarina Icon.png File:OoT C Down Ocarina Icon.png W ST White Note Icon.png File:ST White Note Icon.png R MM3D R Button Icon.png File:MM3D R Button Icon.png
G ST Green Note Icon.png File:ST Green Note Icon.png