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User:KokoroSenshi/SS Items

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Items in Skyward Sword
InventoryBugs, Treasure and Quest Status
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Stone of TrialsEmerald TabletAmber TabletRuby TabletLife Tree SeedlingFire Dragon's SongWater Dragon's SongBallad of the GoddessFarore's CourageNayru's WisdomDin's PowerGoddess's HarpSailclothWater Dragon's ScaleFireshield EarringsDigging MittsItemsPouchDowsingBombBug NetSlingshotClawshotsWhipGust BellowsBowSmall WalletHeart ContainerPractice SwordNayru's FlameFarore's FlameDin's FlameCalibrate Wii MotionPlusInterface DisplaySS Item Nav 0.png
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This template provides an easy way to navigate between articles related to items in Skyward Sword.


To use this template, type:
    {{KokoroSenshi/SS Items}}

To use a frameless version, type
    {{KokoroSenshi/SS Items|- }}