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Dark Link Knil.jpg
Title The Shadow Guardian
Race Twili, Sheikah, Gerudo
Location Koholint Island
First Game Ocarina of Time
Shield Mirror Shield
Sword Golden Sword
Mask Fierce Deity Link
Princess Midna, Marin, Zelda (OoT)
Instrument Ocarina
Song Ballad of the Wind Fish

Not much to say currently.

Moderator of Final Fantasy wiki, editor of Dot Hack wiki and DC Project wiki. Named my username after Dark Link (who is the opposite of Link so I wrote 'Link' backwords. Hence 'Knil'.)

I'll make a user page when I get round to it but right now I have some pages to fill out.


Geh heh heh


Gotta love a girl who can defend herself.
So I love power. So sue me.
Gotta love a girl who can defend herself.

Articles Under My Attention

Objective Status
Finish the Dark Link Character Page. Completed, Featured Article
Fix up the Category: Sword pages Completed
Fix up the Category: Spell pages Completed
Fix up the Category: Shield pages In Progress
Finish the Sheik Character Page In Progress
The Triforce
The Triforce