July 25, 2020

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Uummm, Hi?

Games I Own

Some stuff about me


These are some funny little stories i thought up, based on stories made by Felicia's Champion.

1. Link:"Finally, my quest to obtain the mighty Master Sword has ended!" Master Sword: *Tick* *Tock* *Tick* *Tock* Link:"What the-" (BOOOOOM!) Ganondorf:"Well i figured because Link gets the Master Sword in nearly every game i should replace the Master Sword with a Bomb." Player:"JERK!"

2. Bellum:"I can't beleive Link actually beat me!" Ganondorf:"I can, Link's beaten me...actually i lost count." Bellum:"I mean, i Had the Perfect Shield!" Ganondorf:"Goo." Bellum:"I thought it would stick better than that! And i had Minions!" Ganondorf:"MORE Goo." Bellum:"And i had a Backup!" Ganondorf:"And Weak spots encased in Goo." Bellum:"They Shot Cannonballs!" Ganondorf:"Made of Goo." Bellum:"And i had ANOTHER backup!" Ganondorf:"The One thing that Didn't involve Goo." Bellum:"Shut Up Ganondorf!" (Ganondorf stabs Bellum's Eye) Bellum:"AHHHH! OH MY GOD!!!! The Pain, Oh the pain..." Ganondorf:"You see? Your Weak spot is too obvious." Bellum:"Just get some cold water..."