July 25, 2020

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About Me

Most of the basics are over to the right. What it doesn't say is that I like Zelda games, and I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about the series as a whole. I discovered Zelda Wiki by accident and now I use it to waste time when I have nothing else to do. I will continuously hit the Random Page link and read up about, well, random things. I signed up so I could fix some of the errors I find while doing that. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute meaningfully to the wiki while I'm otherwise goofing off and wasting time.

To Do:

  • Continue to fix up articles that turn up with Random Page.
  • Add {{Copyright}} to stuff that needs it in Special:UncategorizedFiles (potentially over 2000).
  • Smack myself for accepting the above task (I never learn, do I?).