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User:Ice Medallion

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Welcome to the lair of Ice Medallion
an editor with alternately too much and too little time on his hands

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Ice Medallion
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Real Name Isaac
Age 28
Location Davis, CA, USA
Total Edits {{#ec:Ice Medallion}}
Average Edits per Day Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".
Currently Playing Pokémon X
First Game Ocarina of Time
Latest Game A Link Between Worlds
Favorite Game Majora's Mask
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Ice Medallion is a frequent editor.
Ice Medallion is a frequent editor of Zelda Wiki. He/she generally makes several edits over at least a few days of each week.

After a long absence, I'm back! I'll be filling in A Link Between Worlds content.

Not really much to say about myself here. Like many of the current Zelda fans, I started with Ocarina of Time, but I've since played every Zelda game except Four Swords Adventures.

By the way, I came here from TV Tropes Wiki. It probably shows.