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User:Gopherdude12/Dark Chuchu

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Dark Chuchu
TWW Dark ChuChu Artwork.png
Habitat(s)Earth Temple
Ganon's Tower
Effective Weapon(s)Light
Mirror Shield
Power Bracelet
SpoilsRed Chu Jelly
Green Chu Jelly

Dark ChuChus are a unique breed of Chuchu found in The Wind Waker.


The Wind Waker

Tingle's Comment


Dark ChuChu

Looks like a Dark ChuChu!

You can't do anything to it right now!
(After obtaining the Mirror Shield)

It's the nasty Dark ChuChu! Use light to turn it to rock, then toss it! It'll shatter!

Purple ChuChu TWW.png

Dark Chuchus attack Link in the same manner as normal Chuchus, jumping at Link. Similar to most other types of Chuchus, Dark Chuchus can defensively turn into a small puddle. Dark Chuchus are found exclusively in dark environments, this is because they turn to stone if sunlight is shined upon them. Link can either lure them into a patch of sunlight, or reflect sunlight onto them with the Mirror Shield to turn them to stone temporarily. When turned to stone, Dark Chuchus can be picked up with the use of the Power Bracelets, and place them down onto Switches. When in their stone state Dark Chuchus can be destroyed by use of the Skull Hammer, a Bomb, or by throwing it onto the ground when picking it up.

ChuChu (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
TWW ChuChu Figurine Model.png
Habitat: Varied
Spoils: Chu Jelly

There are ChuChus of many different colors, all with their own distinct characteristics. In general, they are most susceptible to projectile weapons.


  • The chattering that ChuChus make in The Wind Waker are actually the overlaying clips of two Japanese men arguing, sped up and played in reverse.[1]


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