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...er, greetings!
Welcome to EzloSpirit's Abode!
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The Lowdown (Bio)

Hey, there! I'm Eric, otherwise known as EzloSpirit (or, in some cases, SightSpirit). I hold the second-highest score in the world on the "Fuji" stage of Dan-Ball's Flip Ball mobile game.

Despite that awesome but little-known fact, you have a significantly better chance of knowing me from my unhealthily constant presence on Zelda Universe from 2009-2013. From 2010 until its final breath in 2013, I served on the staff ("ZUBC") of Zelda Universe's community podcast, the ZUCast, as a Segment Host. This inspired me to launch my own, Pokémon-related podcast, the Pokémon Center Podcast, in 2011...that lasted for all of two episodes. It might come back in the future. Back on ZU, I was the designated Moderator for the Writing forum from June of 2012 until shortly after the following Valentine's Day, when the ZU/Wiki servers imploded and reset back to November; stuff happened on top of that, and I found myself unable to set things right again by myself, so I vanished from ZU altogether.

Fast-forward to April 2015, and I learned that Zelda Wiki was hiring new admins. I had been a wiki member since 2009, but my contributions were few and far apart. Luckily, I was now interested in returning to the online Zelda community, and I had been using ZW a lot lately thanks to the relatively recent release of Pure Awesome. So I applied. I was an admin here from August 2015 until May 2018.

I have been a Zelda fan since playing the Wii version of Twilight Princess in 2007. I had played A Link to the Past and Four Swords as many as five years earlier, but I found the former too difficult to really draw me in. (Ultimately, it took me eight years to beat ALttP. I am just that good.) My favourite Zelda games are a perfect tie between Breath of the Wild, TP, Majora's Mask (3D).

I also play lots of Pokémon (playing morbidly non-strategically since 2000!), Kirby, Mario, Metroid, Dynasty Warriors, and The Elder Scrolls. My favourite television programme is Doctor Who, and much of the music I listen to is original and arranged video game soundtracks. I am a huge fan of ZREO. So much so that I gave up about 2 weeks straight of my free time in January 2012 to upload their entire pre-Twilight Symphony backlog to their YouTube channel while they continued working on said project. (Yes, I own one of the physical copies!) I have also had the great joy of seeing Symphony of the Goddesses twice (2012 and 2013) at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Feel free to talk to me about video game music, basically.

Games aren't actually my whole life (though very nearly). I am 23 years old, gender-nonbinary, American, and a college student. I generally spell things (outside of wiki articles) the non-American way because I don't actually like America all that much. (My version of rebellion is spelling words differently, apparently.)

That is about all you need to know at this point. If you have any questions regarding the wiki, the Zelda series, or me, please do not hesitate to reach out either via email or my talk page (see Navi Bar at top)!

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(Extinct website/pages are ones that I no longer personally support, dormant pages are ones that I have not updated and/or accessed in a long time, and webpages marked neither extinct nor dormant are ones that I still update regularly or semi-regularly.)

EzloSpirit's Hub (Tumblr)

EzloSpirit's Figment profile

EzloSpirit's Zelda Universe profile [semi-dormant]

EzloSpirit's WiKirby userpage [dormant]

EzloSpirit's Backloggery [dormant]

The Pokemon Center Podcast Official Webiste/Blog! (the podcast I run) [quite dormant]

The Many Worlds of EzloSpirit Writing Blog [extinct]

EzloSpirit's (SightSpirit's) FictionPress profile page [extinct]

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