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1-Up Doll

1-Up Doll
TAoL Doll Artwork.png
Artwork of a 1-Up Doll
Main appearance(s)
Provides Link with one extra life
TAoL Doll Sprite.png

1-Up Dolls are items that appear in The Adventure of Link. The dolls bear a resemblence to Link and their sprites are nearly the same. They are used to provide Link with one extra life per doll. As The Adventure of Link is the only game in which Link has "lives" rather than Life Energy, The Adventure of Link is currently the only Zelda game in which the dolls can be found. After Link obtains a doll, he will never be able to obtain it again, even if the hero gets a Game Over. There are a total of six dolls that can be found scattered across the land of Hyrule.


  • If Link changes his tunic color to red using the Shield Spell, the sprite of the 1-Up Dolls will also be changed to reflect the current color of Link's tunic. It is unknown whether this is simply a graphic limitation or intentional.

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