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Throughout The Legend of Zelda series, one of the most memorable aspects of the games has been the music. Ranging from a limited number of tracks in the first game to over 200 in Twilight Princess, there has been a lot of music. Some tunes are very familiar, some are long forgotten, but many are used multiple times throughout the series. Often they are fully reworked, or small samples of a song are used. The following is a list that details which songs have been used in other songs. Note that this list will not include songs that reference songs first used within their own game. Parentheses directly after a song title indicate that only a portion of a song includes the mentioned track, and that portion will be listed in the parentheses.

The Legend of Zelda

Though the Title Screen and Overworld themes sound very similar, there are differences within them.

Title Screen



Ganon's Lair

Game Over