June 11th, 2019 The Sequel to Breath of the Wild has been announced!

The Sequel to Breath of the Wild was just revealed, alongside the release dates for Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch and Cadence of Hyrule!
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Below is the enemy articles left on my list to transform into a superior encyclopedic format:

Enemies in The Legend of Zelda Series

OoS Stalfos Orange Sprite.png Stal-TLoZ Octorok Red Sprite.png Octo- TLoZ Moblin Red Sprite.png Blin- TLoZ Ghini Sprite.png GhostsTLoZ Darknut Red Sprite.png KnightsTLoZ Zora Sprite.png FishTLoZ Leever Blue Sprite.png PlantsBiri.png AquaticLADX Tektite Sprite.png Arthropods