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This article is a work in progress.
This article is a work in progress.

The editors are working to update all pertinent information as soon as possible. We apologize for any incomplete or missing information.

The following page is a list of the names of every enemy appearing in Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love in every release of the game. Tingle's Ballon Trip of Love has been released in the following languages:

  • Japanese

Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular individual/location/item in that language.


General Enemies

Image Japanese English
TBToL Rupee eater sprite.png
TBToL Maze enemy sprite.png
TBToL Maze enemy 2 model.png
TBToL Maze enemy 3 model.png
TBToL Maze enemy 4 model.png
TBToL Maze enemy 5 model.png
TBToL Maze enemy 6 model.png
TBToL Maze enemy 7 model.png
TBToL Maze enemy 8 model.png
TBToL Maze enemy 9 model.png
TBToL Maze enemy 10 model.png
TBToL Maze enemy 11 model.png
Small Mummy.png ガキミイラ (Gaki mīra)
Tingle Mummy.png アオカケアシガニ (Shi shunki deddo)
TBToL Mummy Mommy sprite.png マミーマミー (Mamīmamī)
TBToL Dead Father sprite.png デツドファーザ (Deddofāzā)
Melon Enemy.png サボテット (Sabotetto)
Look What I Found Kid Disguise.png ひろったよこぞう (Hirotta yo kozō) Look-What-I-Found Kid
Snake Charmer.png おたのしみコブラ (O tanoshimi kobura)
Water Alien.png さまよいウォーター (Samayoi u~ōtā)

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Image Japanese English
Crow-Boss.png カラス (Karasu) Crow
Coffin Boss.png おうけのひつぎ (O uke no hitsugi)
Monkey Boss.png クランクモンキー (Kurankumonkī)
TBToL Baron sprite.png バロン (Baron) Baron
Dancing King.png ニミマム・ニミストップ (Nimimamu Nimisutoppu)

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Image Japanese English
Gasoringo.png 大炎上果実 ガソリンゴ (Dai Enjō Kajitsu Gasoringo)
Big Liar.png 嘘民的巨神体 オオウソツキ (Uso-min-teki Kyoshin-tai Oo'usotsuki) Big Liar
Mecha Segare.png 万能機械王様 メカニキング (Ban'nō kikai Ōsama Mekanikingu)
Majiyo 2.png 吸精狡猾召還師 マジヨ (Kyūsei Kōkatsu Shōkan-shi Majiyo)
Majiyo's Final Form.png 抗老化中年女 おマジヨ (Kō rōka Chūnen'on'na o Majiyo)

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