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Welcome to my page.
Welcome to Yusei's page
Webmistress of Zelda Temple.
I have made {{#ec:AtrumLevis}} edits to the Wiki since February 16th, 2009
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AtrumLevis is inactive.
AtrumLevis either edits Zelda Wiki very rarely, or has not made an edit within the last month. He/she will likely not answer any messages in a timely fashion.

A note from AtrumLevis:

Quote1.png I may not be active, but I DO check out the site from time to time, so I will edit what I can. Quote2.png
— AtrumLevis
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Age 19
Location Thumb Region of Michigan
Forum Join Date 01-29-2009
Forum Userpage Yusei
Forum Posts 4,172 (on ZT)
Number of Edits {{#ec:AtrumLevis}}
This user is a member of Zelda Temple