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BotW Claree Model.png
Claree in Breath of the Wild
Race Sheikah
Gender Female
Family Nanna (grandmother)
Lasli (sister)

Claree is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Claree sells Armor in Kakariko Village at her Armor Shop, Enchanted. Claree tells Link that all of the pieces are part of her specially curated Claree Collection and she personally selects them using her flawless fashion sense.

Quotes from Claree
Welcome to Enchanted, my high-end boutique! We exclusively stock the special garments of the Claree Collection! In fact, that stealth chest guard over there is highly recommended! Oh, and we also buy anything you don't need, so just talk to me when you're ready!

[I wanna sell.]

[Claree Collection?] The Claree Collection! As in a high-end collection curated by me, Claree. BUT OF COURSE. I've personally selected each and every item in here using my flawless fashion sense. It's all HIGHLY recommended. Each item has its own unique features and abilities, so take a good look!

Approaching any piece of the Stealth Set
Isn't that lovely? It's a limited-edition Enchanted exclusive! While you wear it, your footsteps are nearly soundless, so it's perfect for hunting and stuff. Oh, but it offers very little defense. Small price for the extra stealth...

After buying everything in Enchanted
Hold on a minute! It seems we've sold out our entire stock! So... I guess that means... I don't have to work anymore! Heh! Maybe I'll take a vacation! Ooh, yeah! I'll bring Lasli or my granny along too!

[Bye.] Once I get out of here, where should I go? Hmm, maybe I'll try to find that pond... The one that promises love...



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese クラリ (Kurari)
Italian Republic Italian Clari


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