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Use(s)Improving Link's items and carrying capacity

Upgrading is a recurring element in The Legend of Zelda series. Most commonly, items such as the Master Sword or the Arrows can be upgraded into stronger versions, such as the Golden Sword and Silver Arrows, respectively.


While the ability to replace weaker items with stronger variants is prevalent in nearly every Zelda game, some games such as Skyward Sword feature more in-depth systems of upgrading, and it is often necessary to provide Treasures or Materials as the basic ingredients for the relevant upgrade.

Common upgrades throughout the series include: the Magical Boomerang, Magic Hammer, the White Sword, the Mirror Shield, Blue Mail and Red Mail, Light Arrows and Roc's Cape. Several equipment upgrades, such as the Quiver and Bomb Bag are prevalent in games that require ammunition. Wallet upgrades are commonplace, as well.

List of Upgrades

Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword, items and Potions can be upgraded in Skyloft's Bazaar to give them added advantages, like extra strength or durability.[1] Gondo will enhance Link's equipment in the Scrap Shop,[2] while Bertie improves Potions at the Infusion Shop. All upgrades are permanent and take a few seconds to complete.[3] As Link progresses, he is able to upgrade more of his items.[4]

In order to fully upgrade all of Link's items, the following quantity of each treasure is required:

Quantities Required
Treasures: Materials
Hornet Larvae 4 Hornet Larvaes Bird Feather 5 Bird Feathers Tumbleweed 16 Tumbleweeds Lizard Tail 7 Lizard Tails
Eldin Ore 7 Eldin Ores Ancient Flower 7 Ancient Flowers Amber Relic 25 Amber Relics Dusk Relic 13 Dusk Relics
Jelly Blob 8 Jelly Blobs Monster Claw 17 Monster Claws Monster Horn 8 Monster Horns Ornamental Skull 12 Ornamental Skulls
Evil Crystal 4 Evil Crystals Blue Bird Feather 5 Blue Bird Feathers Golden Skull 4 Golden Skulls Goddess Plume 3 Goddess Plumes

Item Upgrades

Wooden Shield
Wooden Shield
Iron Shield
Iron Shield
Sacred Shield
Sacred Shield
Main article: Wooden Shield
Lv2Banded Shield
Banded Shield
Amber Relic Amber Relic
Monster Claw Monster Claw
Jelly Blob Jelly Blob
Cost30Increased durability.
Lv3Braced Shield
Braced Shield
Amber Relic Amber Relic
Monster Claw Monster Claw
Tumbleweed Tumbleweed
Ornamental Skull Ornamental Skull
Cost50Further increased durability.
Adventure Items
Bug Net
Bug Net
Digging Mitts
Digging Mitts
Main article: Bug Net
Lv2Big Bug Net
Big Bug Net
Tumbleweed Tumbleweed
Ancient Flower Ancient Flower
Evil Crystal Evil Crystal
Cost100Double the size.
Ammunition Containers
Small Seed Satchel
Small Seed Satchel
Small Bomb Bag
Small Bomb Bag
Small Quiver
Small Quiver
Main article: Seed Satchel
Lv2Medium Seed Satchel
Medium Seed Satchel
Amber Relic Amber Relic
Monster Claw Monster Claw
Ornamental Skull Ornamental Skull
Cost50Holds 20 extra Deku Seeds.
Lv3Large Seed Satchel
Large Seed Satchel
Amber Relic Amber Relic
Monster Claw Monster Claw
Golden Skull Golden Skull
Blue Bird Feather Blue Bird Feather
Cost100Holds 30 extra Deku Seeds.

Potion Infusions
Heart Potion
Heart Potion
Revitalizing Potion
Revitalizing Potion
Stamina Potion
Stamina Potion
Air Potion
Air Potion
Guardian Potion
Guardian Potion
Main article: Heart Potion
Lv2Heart Potion +
Heart Potion +
Blessed Butterfly Blessed Butterfly
Woodland Rhino Beetle Woodland Rhino Beetle
Volcanic Ladybug Volcanic Ladybug
Cost20Restores all Hearts.
Lv3Heart Potion ++
Heart Potion ++
Blessed Butterfly Blessed Butterfly
Deku Hornet Deku Hornet
Sand Cicada Sand Cicada
Eldin Roller Eldin Roller
Cost30Restores all Hearts.
Includes two servings.

A Link Between Worlds

Item Upgrades

Base Item Upgrade Requirement(s) and Location Effect
ALBW Forgotten Sword Icon.png
Forgotten Sword
ALBW Master Sword Icon.png
Master Sword
Found in the Lost Woods. Double the strength of the Forgotten Sword.
ALBW Master Sword Icon.png
Master Sword
ALBW Master Sword Lv2 Icon.png
Master Sword Lv.2
Giving two pieces of Master Ore to the Blacksmith in Hyrule. Double the strength of the Master Sword.
ALBW Master Sword Lv2 Icon.png
Master Sword Lv.2
ALBW Master Sword Lv3 Icon.png
Master Sword Lv3
Giving two pieces of Master Ore to the Blacksmith in Lorule. Double the strength of the Master Sword Lv2.
ALBW Shield Icon.png
ALBW Hylian Shield Icon.png
Hylian Shield
Found in Big Chest in Turtle Rock. Blocks magical attacks, beams and fire.
ALBW Green Tunic Icon.png
Green Tunic
ALBW Blue Mail Icon.png
Blue Mail
Found in Big Chest in Swamp Palace. Cuts damage by half.
ALBW Blue Mail Icon.png
Blue Mail
ALBW Red Mail Icon.png
Red Mail
Found in Big Chest in Lorule Castle. Cuts damage by three fourths of the Green Tunic's.
ALBW Lamp Icon.png
ALBW Super Lamp Icon.png
Super Lamp
Link must complete the Advanced level of the Treacherous Tower. Illuminates areas more brightly.
Deals 8× more damage.
ALBW Net Icon.png
ALBW Super Net Icon.png
Super Net
Link must complete the Advanced level of the Treacherous Tower twice. Damages enemies within its spin radius.
ALBW Power Glove Icon.png
Power Glove
ALBW Titan's Mitt Icon.png
Titan's Mitt
Found in Big Chest in Desert Palace. Allows Link to lift heavier objects.

Mother Maiamai Upgrades

Base Item Upgrade Effect
ALBW Boomerang Icon.png
ALBW Nice Boomerang Icon.png
Nice Boomerang
Increased speed and range.
Throw three Boomerangs at a time.
ALBW Bomb Icon.png
ALBW Nice Bomb Icon.png
Nice Bomb
Damage doubled.
Increased blast radius.
ALBW Bow Icon.png
ALBW Nice Bow Icon.png
Nice Bow
Fire three arrows at a time.
ALBW Hookshot Icon.png
ALBW Nice Hookshot Icon.png
Nice Hookshot
Shoots Faster.
ALBW Hammer Icon.png
ALBW Nice Hammer Icon.png
Nice Hammer
Damage doubled.
Increased shock wave range.
ALBW Fire Rod Icon.png
Fire Rod
ALBW Nice Fire Rod Icon.png
Nice Fire Rod
Damage doubled.
Wider and taller flame pillar.
Flame travels farther.
ALBW Ice Rod Icon.png
Ice Rod
ALBW Nice Ice Rod Icon.png
Nice Ice Rod
Drop four ice blocks at once.
ALBW Tornado Rod Icon.png
Tornado Rod
ALBW Nice Tornado Rod Icon.png
Nice Tornado Rod
Deals damage.
Increased gust radius.
ALBW Sand Rod Icon.png
Sand Rod
ALBW Nice Sand Rod Icon.png
Nice Sand Rod
Sand pillars do not disappear until the Sand Rod is used on them again.

Tri Force Heroes

Base Item Upgrade Required Outfit Effect
TFH Boomerang Icon.png
TFH Nice Boomerang Icon.png
Nice Boomerang
TFH Boomeranger Icon.png
Turns the Boomerang bigger.
TFH Bomb Icon.png
TFH Nice Bomb Icon.png
Big Bomb
TFH Big Bomb Outfit Icon.png
Big Bomb Outfit
Turns picked up Bombs into Big Bombs.
Damage doubles.
Increases blast radius.
TFH Bow Icon.png
TFH Nice Bow Icon.png
Nice Bow
TFH Kokiri Clothes Icon.png
Kokiri Clothes
Fires three Arrows at once.
TFH Fire Gloves Icon.png
Fire Gloves
TFH Nice Fire Gloves Icon.png
Nice Fire Gloves
TFH Fire Blazer Icon.png
Fire Blazer
Fires three fire balls at once.
TFH Gripshot Icon.png
TFH Nice Gripshot Icon.png
Nice Gripshot
TFH Robowear Icon.png
Increases launching speed.
Increases distance reached.
Pulls enemies toward Link instead of stunning them.
Deals damage to enemies when grabbed.
TFH Gust Jar Icon.png
Gust Jar
TFH Nice Gust Jar Icon.png
Nice Gust Jar
TFH Gust Garb Icon.png
Gust Garb
Increases the distance of the Gust Jar's blasts.
Reduces the time between blasts.
TFH Hammer Icon.png
Magic Hammer
TFH Nice Hammer Icon.png
Nice Magic Hammer
TFH Hammerwear Icon.png
Increases the Magic Hammer's shockwave radius.
Increases the speed of the Magic Hammer's swing.
Damage doubles.
TFH Water Rod Icon.png
Water Rod
TFH Nice Water Rod Icon.png
Nice Water Rod
TFH Torrent Robe Icon.png
Torrent Robe
Increases water pillar's radius.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Canada FrenchCA Améliorer Upgrade
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Mejora Enhance


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