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Reaching high ledges

Updrafts are a recurring mechanic in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name reference missing] Updrafts go unnamed in Phantom Hourglass, and Skyward Sword.

Location and Uses

Updrafts are gusts of wind that push upward, often carrying whatever enters the column of wind with them.

The Wind Waker

Updrafts appear in the Wind Temple and the Official Rito Tribe Bird-Man Contest in The Wind Waker. Link can use them to gain altitude while gliding with the Deku Leaf.

Although Updrafts are mostly used as a boost while gliding, they can also be found as obstacles, such as in the Wind Temple, where various Updrafts blowing downward will block Link's path until deactivated. Updrafts can also blow Link away unless he wears the Iron Boots, which must be worn to walk through the wind currents.

Phantom Hourglass

Updrafts are found on Islands throughout the World of the Ocean King, such as on the Isle of Gust, either buried under soil or appearing naturally on the ground. When Link enters an Updraft's column, he will be propelled upwards to a nearby ledge.[2] If Updrafts are covered by soil, Link must uncover them with the Shovel in order to use them.[2] Alternatively, Link may purposefully cover Updrafts with the Shovel to access areas otherwise blocked by their columns of wind. Some Updrafts are activated via Switches.[2]

Link can throw Bombs into Updrafts, to make them explode at higher elevations and blast obstacles which obstruct ledges.[2] This tactic is necessary to defeat Cyclok, the boss of the Temple of Wind.

Skyward Sword

Updrafts appear throughout The Surface in Skyward Sword, such as in the Sealed Grounds.[3] By using the Sailcloth in tandem with these air vents, Link can ascend cliffs and ledges. Much like in Phantom Hourglass, these vents of air may be trapped underground. Link can uncover these by using either the Digging Mitts or the Mogma Mitts.

Breath of the Wild

Updrafts can be caused by a variety of sources in Breath of the Wild. Updrafts can occur when fire catches on grass or Spicy Peppers, generating lift that Link can use in tandem with his Paraglider to soar into the sky.[1] Dragons also naturally generate Updrafts when they fly through the sky, allowing Link to match their vertical position. Updrafts created by Dragons also fully regenerate Link's Stamina Wheel whenever he draws his Paraglider while in them. Some Updrafts occur via natural vents in the ground, allowing Link to scale heights with ease.

The Updrafts in the Flight Range are used for training by Rito warriors.[4] Except for during the "EX Champion Revali's Song" Main Quest, the Flight Range's Updrafts will always regenerate Link's Stamina.


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