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Underground Tunnel

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Underground Tunnel
Underground Tunnel.png
The map of the tunnel
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The Underground Tunnel is a location appearing in The Shadow Prince. As its name implies, it is an underground maze-like tunnel filled with Stalfos.

Link, Princess Zelda and Charles of Moria fall into the underground tunnel after Charles's sword accidentally slices into the roots of a Quaker Tree.[1][2] After the fall, Link notices a piece of paper sticking out of a rock and tells Zelda and Charles he's found a map, hoping that it's not fake.

If Link thinks the map is fake, he will throw it away and tell Zelda and Charles to follow him, and although Zelda tries to stop him, they have no choice but to run after the young hero.[3] With the Stalfos pursuing them, Link tries to get the group out of the tunnel, but he trips on a Stalfos since the tunnel is so dark. The page ends with a Game Over as Zelda cries to Link saying that he picked the wrong path, claiming that they'll die at the hands of the Stalfos.[4]

However, if Link decides that the map is real, he will tell the Zelda and Charles to follow him after examining the routes just as the Stalfos begin to approach them.[5] Eventually, they safely exit back out to the woods, leaving the Stalfos howling at the end of the tunnel.[6]


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