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Turtle Rock (A Link Between Worlds)

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Turtle Rock
Entrance to Turtle Rock
Location(s) Lorule Lake
Game(s) A Link Between Worlds
Main Item Hylian Shield
Boss(es) Grinexx
Quest Reward(s)Impa
Heart Container
Theme Music

Turtle Rock is a dungeon in A Link Between Worlds. The Zora's Flippers are required to access the dungeon, and the Ice Rod is required to traverse it. The boss of Turtle Rock is Grinexx.

Entrance to the Dungeon

Turtle Rock is located in the southeastern corner of Lorule. The nearby Mama Turtle needs her three babies, which are located throughout the lake. Link must use the Zora's Flippers to get them back to their mother. After completing this task, the turtles will create a platform for Link to ride to the dungeon's entrance.

Themes and Navigation

The dungeon is based on warp points, which teleport Link to different places in Turtle Rock. Although Turtle Rock is small in size (two floors shaped to resemble turtles), it requires many small keys for it to be completed. The dungeon features lava, which can be controlled easier with the Ice Rod. Freezing eruptions of lava allows Link to Wall Merge and get to the opposite side. The Ice Rod also allows Link to freeze teeter-totter type platforms in place. The dungeon utilizes switches to make platforms rise above the lava and open doors. Another main theme of the dungeon is climbing higher along the side walls, allowing Link to turn into a painting and reach previously inaccessible platforms. Turtle Rock is populated by Kodongos, Wizzrobes, Gibo and fiery Swamola. The miniboss of this dungeon is a group of five Fire Gimos, one large and four small.


The Compass is in the very center of the first floor. Link must activate all four switches on the corners of the platform to reveal the chest. The Big Key is in the central northern room of B1, on a high level grate. Link must wall merge to the door that accesses the grate level, and have a key to open it.

This dungeon also contains the Hylian Shield, which operates in much the same manner as the Mirror Shield does in previous titles, namely, reflecting beams and fire from enemies such as Beamos and Lynel. The Shield can be acquired directly after getting the Big Key by un-merging from a wall to push over a grate bridge in the central room of B1. The grate is right outside the entrance to the Big Key room, on the northern end of the central room. Crossing the grate bridge leads to the Hylian Shield's chest.

Additionally, two warp tiles on the first floor can take Link to alternate exits that are otherwise off-limits. Both exits lead outside onto small balconies, where Link can summon Irene by using the Bell. The east balcony is surrounded by Fairies, while the west one leads to a Piece of Heart.

Enemies and Traps


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese カメイワ (Kame Iwa) Same as English.
French-speaking countries French Rocher de la Tortue Rock of the Turtle
Federal Republic of Germany German Schildkrötenfelsen Same as English.
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Isla de la Tortuga Island of the Turtle


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