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Tunic of the Hero

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Tunic of the Hero
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The Tunic of the Hero is an item in Breath of the Wild.

Location and Uses

The Tunic of the Hero are a piece of Armor which can be obtained using the amiibo Rune while scanning the 30th Anniversary 8-Bit Link Amiibo. Each time the figure is scanned, a chest will appear that has a small chance to contain the Tunic of the Hero. They can be enhanced by a Great Fairy but cannot be dyed at the Kochi Dye Shop.

The Tunic of the Hero, alongside the Cap of the Hero and Trousers of the Hero, comprise the Hero Set which resembles Link's outfit from the original Legend of Zelda. When it has been enhaced by two levels, it provides the Master Sword Beam Up Set Bonus when worn with the full set.

Armor Description Location
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Tunic of the Hero
Legend has it this armor was once cherished by a hero from ancient times. Its design is rather simple, but it's such a traditional look. 30th Anniversary 8-Bit Link Amiibo (using amiibo Rune)

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