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BotW Tulin Model.png
Main appearance(s)
Teba (father)[2]
Saki (mother)[3]

Tulin is a character in Breath of the Wild.[4]


Tulin is found in his home in Rito Village with his mother Saki. He says good day to Link and says good response if the Hylian responds likewise.[5] Tulin goes on to say that his dad says, "Great kids are great greeters."[6] His father had promised that he would play with him later at the Flight Range.[7] When asked about the Flight Range, Tulin points Link in the direction it is located and states that he hopes his dad comes back soon, as he wants to go play there.[8]

After Link has met Teba and talks to Tulin, the Rito child recognizes Link and repeats his father's promise to play with him at the Flight Range.[9] Once the Divine Beast Vah Medoh has been appeased, Tulin greets Link and says his dad finally came back from work.[10] He is concerned because his father got hurt, but is excited since he has gotten better and will be able to take him flying again soon.[11] Tulin invites Link to come back later and play with him.[12]

Eventually Teba is healed enough to where he can take Tulin to the Flight Range.[13] Tulin shouts happily[2] and tells Link to come play with them at the Flight Range sometime.[14] Tulin rides on his father's back to the Flight Range. Teba says bringing Tulin to the Range will help him come of age as a warrior, but his mother Saki disagrees as he is still a fledgling.[15] Tulin stands on a platform at the Flight Range and greets Link happily by his name, stating his father told him about the hero and that he is good with a Bow, asking if that is true.[16] If Link answers of course, Tulin is amazed and say he has to show him.[17] If Link answers that he is alright, Tulin says his father said Link was great and his dad never lies so it must be true.[18] Tulin says he will count down and Link will break all the targets before time is up.[19] When a large amount is broken, he will give Link a prize.[20] Tulin is let down if Link turns away the offer.[21] If Link agrees, Tulin begins the countdown and watches Link's progress.[22] When Link succeeds, Tulin says he knew he could do it and that he will remember the way Link shoots when he practices.[23] Tulin then gives Link a Silver Rupee as a thank you from his dad and says to come back again to show him his neat tricks anytime.[24][25]


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