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Triforce Room

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Triforce Room
Triforce Room.png
The upper-left room is the "real" Triforce Room
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The Triforce Room is a location featured in The Shadow Prince. Located in North Castle, it is the resting place of the Triforce of Wisdom, where it is safely kept away from the hands of Ganon. In order to hide the Triforce, there are three false Triforce Rooms scattered around the castle: the path from the throne room to the true Triforce Room passes over exactly ten diamonds.[1]

The Triforce Room is first visited in the book after the King of Hyrule decides to show Charles of Moria the Triforce of Wisdom.[2] The room is described to be "stunning," with walls that are "coated with glittering gems--diamonds, emeralds, and jade, all set in elaborate designs. The floor is pure white marble," and a "golden chandelier hangs from the ceiling.[3] It is also here that the king dubs Charles a knight of Triforce, asking him to protect it and to keep it away from Ganon's hands.[4] Later on in the book, after Link uses the Mirror of Truth to reveal that Charles is in fact Ganon in disguise, Charles will manage to steal the Triforce of Wisdom from the Triforce Room and escape with it into the Midoro Swamp, where Link must follow him to defeat him and bring peace back to Hyrule.[5]


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