Tri Force Hero Statue

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Tri Force Hero Statue
Tri force heroes and relaxing.png
The three Links relaxing around the Tri Force Hero Statue
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The Tri Force Hero Statue,[1] also known as the Tri Hero Statue,[2] is an object in Tri Force Heroes.


The Tri Force Hero Statue is a statue of the three heroes stacked in a Totem. It is Hytopia's main attraction, representing the legend that whenever Hytopia is in peril, three heroes will arrive and aid the kingdom.[3] It also stands in honor of the trials and successes of past and future heroes.[4] By giving thanks to it, Link can save his game.[5]


  • The Statue employs a perspective trick that was used extensively in A Link Between Worlds: its model leans backward to give the player a better frontal view within the game's top-down perspective.


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