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Trendy Gamester

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Trendy Gamester
LANS Trendy Gamester Model.png

The Trendy Gamester is a character in Link's Awakening.[2][note 1]


The Trendy Game Shop Owner runs the Trendy Game in Mabe Village. For a fee of 10 Rupees, he will let Link play a single round where he may earn one of the shop's prizes. The Trendy Game Shop Owner will also give Link a short instruction on how to operate the Trendy Game's Crane.[4]

If Link brings Marin to the Trendy Game, she will ask to play a round, which Link will pay for. However, she grabs the Trendy Game Shop Owner with the Crane instead. The Trendy Game Shop Owner compliments Marin on her expertise, but then angrily demands that she and Link leave.[5]


  • The Trendy Game Shop Owner might be based on Takamitsu Kuzuhara, one of Link's Awakening's programmers.[6]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseゲーム屋 (Gēmu-ya) (LANS)Game Owner
NetherlandsDutchEigenaar (LANS) 
French RepublicFrenchEUGérant de la salle de jeu (LANS) 
Federal Republic of GermanyGermanKemenaten-Betreiber (LANS)Boudoir Operator
Italian RepublicItalianGestore (LANS) 
Republic of KoreaKorean바람의 물고기 (Balam-ui Mulgogi) (LANS) 
Russian FederationRussianВладелец «Зала удачи» (Vladelets «Zala udachi») (LANS)Owner of the "Hall of Fortune"
Kingdom of SpainSpanishEUDependiente (LANS) 
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  1. Trendy Gamester was referred to as the Trendy Game Shop Owner prior to Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch.[3] However, as this contradicts the name given in Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch, it is not considered Canon.


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