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Tree Witch
Tree Witch is never seen in the book
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The Tree Witch is a character featured in The Crystal Trap. She is an old woman who lives near a canyon and who proves herself to be of enormous help in Princess Zelda's quest to save Link.

Zelda can only meet the Tree Witch if she decides to climb the rocky path as she travels through the Forest. The old woman invites the princess inside her hut and calls Zelda by her name, which surprises the young hero and asks the witch how she knew her name.[1] The Tree Witch explains that her people have the ability to see most things "in these woods" and explains to the princess that Greenbeard cautioned Zelda of the tree witch only because she took some of his prickle-berries last autumn.[2] Afterward, the old witch offers Zelda some stew, making the princess hesitate at her offer and thus asking her how to get out of the canyon. The witch points down the canyon and tells Zelda to follow the creek bed. Before Zelda departs, the old woman gives her a Large Brass Key and offers her to stay and eat.[3]

If Zelda decides to eat with the tree witch, the old woman will reward her courage with a ring, saying that no one had dared to try her stew.[4] Before Zelda departs, she thanks the tree witch for her help and then quickly walks down the path the witch had shown her.

Both items given to Zelda by the Tree Witch prove to be useful in obtaining the Magnifying Glass, which is one of the items necessary to free Link from the crystal.


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  3. "'I--I have to go,' she says quickly. 'Can you tell me the way out of here?' The witch points down the canyon. 'Follow the creek bed and you'll get where you have to go. Oh, you'd better take this.' She fumbles in her town and dirty rags for a moment and pulls out a large brass key. She offers it to Zelda. 'Sure you don't want some stew?' she asks."  (The Crystal Trap (Archway) pg. 61)
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