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Treacherous Tower

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Treacherous Tower
ALBW Treacherous Tower Exterior.png
Link outside the Treacherous Tower
Location(s)Death Mountain (Lorule)
Game(s)A Link Between Worlds
Main PrizeRupees (All Levels)
Piece of Heart (Intermediate)
Super Lantern Triforce piece.png
Super Bug Net Triforce piece.png
Cost100 Rupees (Beginner)
200 Rupees (Intermediate)
300 Rupees (Advanced)
Theme Music

The Treacherous Tower is a location and mini-game in A Link Between Worlds.[1]

Location and Rules

The Treacherous Tower is found on Death Mountain in Lorule, approximately where the Tower of Hera is located in Hyrule. It is host to a mini-game that is run by the Devilish Girl, who pits Link against several rooms of enemies. When all enemies in the room are defeated, Link is able to carry on to the next, until he reaches the end and receives his prize. There are three modes: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The initial difficulty setting is Beginner, but the Intermediate and Advanced levels are unlocked after Link completes the respective difficulties preceding them. If Link can complete the levels with faster times, he will be rewarded with more Rupees.[2]

The Beginner level contains five rooms and costs 100 Rupees to play.[3] At the end of the fifth room, Link will receive several Rupees from the crowd for completing it. The Intermediate level contains 15 rooms and costs 200 Rupees to play.[4] At the end of the 15th room, Link will receive several Rupees and a Piece of Heart for completing it the first time.[5] The Advanced level contains 50 rooms and costs 300 Rupees to play.[6][7] Upon initial completion of the Advanced level, Link's Lantern will be upgraded to do 8 times the amount of damage.[8] A subsequent completion will give the young hero an upgraded Bug Net.[9][10] According to the Devilish Girl, nobody has survived the Advanced level.[11]

Enemies and Traps

Beginner Level

01. Moldorms (x8) 02. Sand Crabs (x10)
03. Octoroks (x8) 04. Stalfos (x4)
Red Stalfos (x4)
05. Moldorm

Intermediate Level

01. Popo (×1)
Red Popo (×8)
02. Chasupa (×8) 03. Crows (×6)
04. Terrorpins (×11) 05. Green Sword Soldiers (×8) 06. Blue Hardhat Beetles (×7)
07. Blue Bow Soldiers (×6) 08. Snap Dragons (×7) 09. Helmasaurs (×6)
10. Gibdos (×8) 11. Snowball Hinox (×4) 12. Snowball Zirros (×6)
13. Ice Gimos (×7) 14. Ball & Chain Soldier (Blue) (×1)
Short Sword Soldier (×2)
15. Moblins (×5)
Shield Moblins (×5)

Advanced Level

01. Buzz Blobs (x21) 02. Rats (x12)
Ropes (x12)
03. Keese (x7)
04. Green Soldiers (x10) 05. Armos (x10) 06. Poes (x4)
Hyu (x7)
07. Rupee Likes (x11) 08. Blue Tektites (x5)
Red Tektites (x5)
09. Red Soldier (Enemy)s (x8)
10. Recovery Floor
Hearts (x5)
11. Red Kodongos (x6)
Green Kodongos (x4)
12. Slaroks (x8) 13. Karat Crabs (x9)
Ku (x12)
14. Pengators (x6) 15. Blue Bari (x6)
Red Bari (x6)
16. Green Goriyas (x5)
Red Goriyas (x3)
17. Blue Taros (x7?) 18. Big Pengators (x2) 19. Yellow Gigabari (x1)
20. Recovery Floor
Hearts (x3)
21. Dactos (x8) 22. Dark Rats (x10)
23. Vultures (x7)
24. Blue Popo (x1)
Fire Wizzrobes (x4)
25. Purple Mini-Moldorms (x6) Bumpers (x1) 26. Green Eyegores (x2)
Blue Eyegores (x2)
Red Eyegores (x2)
27. Sword Soldier (x4)
Bow Soldiers (x4)
28. Ball and Chain Soldier (x1)
Throwing Spear Soldiers (x4)
29. Lynels (x3)
30. Recovery Floor
Heart (x1)
31. Red Hardhat Beetle (x6)
Buzz Blobs (x4)
32. Light Ghini (x5)
Dark Ghini (x5?)
33. Freezors (x4)
34. Chasupa (x6)
Sluggula (x4)
35. Hearts (x1)
Blue Zazaks (x6)
36. Ropas (x4)
Snowball Zirros (x4)
37. Red Eyegores (x8?) 38. Ice Gimos (x2)
Ice Wizzrobes (x4)
39. Lorule Ball and Chain Soldier (x1)
40. Recovery Floor
Fairy (x1)
41. Red Taros (x6)
Zirros (x4)
42. Red Stalfos (x10?) 43. White Bari (x4)
Yellow Bari (x3)
44. Big Ice Gimos (x1) 45. Shield Moblins (x7)
Bomb Soldiers (x4)
46. Red Zazaks (x8)
47. Medusa (x4)
Gimos (x3)
Fire Gimos (x3)
Ice Gimos (x3)
48. Lorule Soldiers (x3)
Throwing Spear Lorule Soldiers (x3)
49. Black Lynels (x3)
50. Boss Floor


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Canada FrenchCA Tour du Péril Tower of Danger
French Republic FrenchEU Tour de l'escarmouche Tower of skirmish
Federal Republic of Germany German Ausdauerkampf Endurance fight
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Fortaleza interminable Endless fortress


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