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Travelers are characters in Breath of the Wild.


Travelers are members of the Yiga Clan in disguise who can be found scattered along roadsides throughout Hyrule Kingdom after one of two possible conditions are met: either by completing the "Seek Out Impa" Main Quest, or by entering the Yiga Clan Hideout. They assume the appearance of other characters who travel the roads of Hyrule Kingdom and call to Link whenever he is nearby to engage in conversation. If Link speaks to them, they will direct the discussion towards Link's demise before dropping their disguise and attacking as Yiga Footsoldiers.

If Link speaks to Travelers after defeating Master Kohga, they will reference the fact that their leader was slain by the hero they swore to destroy and assail him in the name of their fallen master.[1][2]

Travelers will not seek shelter in Rain, though they will run from other enemies. They do not reward Link if he rescues them, only instead opting to resume their plan to assassinate him.

Some Travelers will attempt to sell Link their Mighty Bananas,[3] a fruit which all Yiga are obsessed with. If Link initially denies the offer to look at their wares, they will insist that he buys from them.[4] Rejecting the offer a second time will anger the Traveler, prompting them to attack.[5] These Travelers carry 99 Mighty Bananas at 99 Rupees per bundle. If Link purchases all of the Mighty Bananas, the Traveler will refer to him as a "banana fan" and announce that they have nothing left to sell.[6] When the transaction is done, the Traveler will claim to hope to see Link again, only to admit their lie and attack.[7]


  • The act of Travelers disguising themselves is rooted in tales of Ninja, whom the Yiga are based on, donning the appearance of simple travelers for various purposes such as for espionage or assassination.


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