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Trading Sequence

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A Trading Sequence is a sidequest present in most games from The Legend of Zelda series. By trading a long list of items, the player will eventually be rewarded with a useful item such as a better sword, new tools or even numerous Pieces of Heart. However, due to their status as sidequests, they are not necessary to complete the game, except in the case of Link's Awakening, where several items, including the final reward, are mandatory.

By tradition, a trading sequence may begin in an inhabited town. As Link tries to help one of the characters in there, he may receive an item that becomes useful for someone else; when Link gives the newer item to the right character, he receives in turn another item that is destined to yet another character; a trade sequence takes form when this process is repeated continuously, thus resulting into a long string of exchanges that ultimately lead to a powerful item. For natural reasons, the traded items generally have one-time uses, and therefore one-time appearances. There are some exceptions, though, as the items can be obtained again for secondary uses (see below for more details).

Trade Sequences

Trading Sequence Number of Items Notes Rewards
Link's Awakening Trading Sequence 13 Half of the trading sequence is mandatory to beat the game. Magnifying Lens, which can also be used to find the Boomerang.
Mask Trading Sequence 8 - Mask of Truth, Goron Mask, Zora Mask, Gerudo Mask
Ocarina of Time Trading Sequence 10 The trading sequence features various items that must be delivered before the timer runs out. Biggoron's Sword
Majora's Mask Trading Sequence 5 It can be restarted entirely anytime. 5 Pieces of Heart
200 Rupees
Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence 12 Shares the reward and the number of items involved with that of Oracle of Seasons. Noble Sword
Master Sword
Crescent Island Trading Sequence 10 Involves Link trading to re-acquire the items he has lost. Scent Seeds
Access to Moonlit Grotto
Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence 12 Shares the reward and the number of items involved with that of Oracle of Ages. Noble Sword
Master Sword
Island Trading Sequence 12 The decoration items featured in the trading sequence can be bought at any time in Zunari's Shop. 2 Pieces of Heart
Magic Armor
Phantom Hourglass Trading Sequence 5 The Mermaid Sidequest must be completed before attempting this trading sequence. Swordsman's Scroll with which Link can learn the Spin Attack